Riding a cambodia registered bike into Thailand via Koh Kong border

Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by icecold, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. icecold

    icecold New Member

    hi guys, i will be riding to Thailand this coming April from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. ok well, i had an issue concerning my entry.

    i had purchased my motorbike by loan from a bank in cambodia, and as how things works here in cambodia, the registration card (or the so called Green Book) is under the bank's name as the bike itself is mortgaged to the bank due to the loan.

    i understand that in order to cross the border, the registration card needs to be under ur name, else a consent letter to be issued and authorized by the truthful owner to authorize u to temporary bring the bike out of the country (cambodia) and into Thailand.

    For my case, i got the bank to issue me Clearance Letter / Certificate to prove that i am the truthful owner of the bike except for the fact that it is currently mortgaged to the bank. However, for the registration card, i could not get hold of the original card and i would only be able to have a photocopy of the registration card.

    Now, could i actually cross the border with the accompanying documents:

    1) Clearance Letter / Certificate issued by the bank
    2) Photocopy of the registration card

    Are the above sufficient to get me cross the border of to at least prove that i am the rightful owner of the bike?

    Anyone has experience on this type of situation before?
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If you were trying to do the same from Thailand I would say NO, unless you get permisson from the finance company to approve it; and in your case it seems as if you do have that.
    So all you can do is suck it & see.
    Let us know how you go. What sort of bike is it anyway?
  4. icecold

    icecold New Member

    dear all,

    i would be riding from Cambodia Phnom Penh - Pattaya - Bangkok - Phuket (for the 2013 Phuket Bike Week :D).

    my concern is that, i am riding a Cambodia financed bike. Well, the Registration Card bears the Bank's name. I am only issued a Clearance Letter / Certificate as a proof that i am the truthful owner of the bike and the bike is mortgaged to the bank. A copy of the Registration Card will be given to me as well, but not the original.

    question is:

    1) Would the Thai border immigration let me through if i have the Clearance Letter / Certificate from the bank + photocopy of the registration card?

    2) If yes, what are the necessary details that needed to be stated in the Clearance Letter in order to satisfy the requirements of the Thai immigration? bike details ie engine number and VIN number is definitely needed, how about specific clause saying that i am authorized to ride the bike out of the country? currently the clearance letter does not have that clause.

    would appreciate if anyone could provide some insights on what are needed as details on the clearance letter.

  5. icecold

    icecold New Member

    why is it a NO from thailand? yes i do have a clearance letter from the bank to prove that i am the truthful owner of the bike, only that it is mortgaged to the bank due to financing. i will probably ride to the Koh Kong border this weekend and see whether i could get through or not, if not, i would have to bring my CBR, coz the CBR is under my name.. in which im afraid of breaking my back due to traveling such long distance, to and fro Phuket - Cambodia about +-4000km:happy2:

    its a 2009 Harley V-Rod VRSCF:happy3:
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Any feedback - how did you go?
    1. Get out of Cambodia ok?
    2. Get into & out of Thailand ok?
  7. icecold

    icecold New Member

    ok to update here, yes into and out thailand no problem via kohkong border, i dont dare to promise it would be the same for other borders..

    cambodia is a sure yes:smile1:

    so Phuket Bike Week, here i come!!!!!

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