Riding From Australia To Europe - Where Can I Bring My Bike?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I'm planning a RTW trip starting in New Zealand, working through Australia, and eventually riding across to europe.

    The problem is, at the moment from Darwin I'm not sure what countries I can bring the bike through (likely a Triumph Tiger 800 registered either in Canada or New Zealand with a Carnet). There seems to be lots of conflicting information on the internet about what countries it is possible to ride through, mainly due to changing rules the last few years and some countries being closed off.

    I believe both Malaysia or Indonesia are allowed, but do the ferries between islands allow for a bike the size of a tiger?

    Ideally I want to join a BYOB tour in China that will take me to Mongolia, then go from there across either the 'stans or up through the trans siberian route to Europe. Would it be best to ship the bike around to wherever the China tour would start, or is it possible to go through Cambodia and Laos? (I believe Vietnam is a no go, and Thailand requires joining a tour with a guide for a BYOB?) Or is it best just to ship the bike around and buy a little bike to go through the SE asia countries?

    Any help would be appreciated! Deciphering the internet has me more confused than ever!

  2. Hi there - I rode the opposite way, from Europe to Australia in 2014-2015 so I might be able to provide you some information about the subject.
    Its possible to take your bike through most countries nowadays and certainly through the countries you mentioned. But for Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and China and possibly also for Iran dependingon your nationality you will need permits and guides arranged in advance. And that can be very very expensive and inconveniant. So pick your route carefully!
    Ferries in Indonesia - yes they can be small, old an primitive - but not as small that they cannot carry a Triumph Tiger 800. Dont worry about that at all...
    It is perfectly possible to go through Cambodia and Laos, the problem might be that some overland travellers and jerks have started to show and get their Carnets stamped in and out of these countries - thus many bordercrossings in these countries seem to demand Carnet for vehicles with overseas plates, despite tye fact that neither Laos nor Cambodia are Carnet countries. But since you are travelling with a Carnet thats probably not a problem for you.
    There are still reports that overland travellers get through some borders from Malaysia to Thailand without the new guide/permit nonsense - and get a 30 days temporary import as before. Check out the links at the end of my answer. But please dont post which borders that might able to let you through on any forums!

    Its not that easy to buy a bike in SEAsia that can get you through all SEasian countries that people might think. I think you will need at least 2 different bikes from 2 different countries. And buying and selling and getting hold of paperwork can be frustrating and timeconsuming. For example for Thailand you will need a recidency sertifiate to register a vehicle on yourself. And that can be difficult to get on a tourist visa or visa excemption. But it is possible of course

    Have a look at these facebook groups:
    Control de seguridad
    Control de seguridad

    And Horizons unlimiteds huge forum for all questions about overland travel... Welcome to the global home of motorcycle travel and overland adventure travel!

    Any more questions - just ask!
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  3. Wow, Thank you!!!!

    Yes, I know for China I need a guide... There are a couple companies that do single rider groupings to help cut cost down. Seems about $3-4k US (or somewhere between a billion and trillion canadian dollars at the moment lol) to get from the southern border to the border with mongolia (18 days).

    Do you have any experience with guides in Asia?
  4. I rode through China in 2014, entering from Kyrgizstan into Xinjang province of China and then rode through Xinjang, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan before entering Laos. Distance around 5-6000 kms, time 30 days. I rode that part with a group organised from a english company, but we had of course chinese guides on the China leg. I dont know which chinese company they came from, wouldnt rate them high though. And thats about all the experience I have with guides in Asia (except from guided trips in Bhutan and Nepal)

    If you can get 18 day trip through China for 3-4 k USD nowadays I think it would be a bargain.
    China was stiff and inconveniant when I rode there 3 years ago but I spoke with a guy last week who came through China last month and he said it was even worse now. Checks, scans, police checks, safety checks, security checks all over now. Even to get into a gas station you needed to be scanned and checked (maybe only Xinjang province, but still...)
    I would certainly consider avoiding China if I were to do this kind of trip again. After Thailand - Myanmar, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran and then cross into Turkmenistan or Georgia and take the ferry cross the Caspian sea to get into the Stans. But each to their own of course. China is of course very interesting and beautiful and full of history - its just the plain inconveniance and costs involved getting there and gettng through there that are a PITA.

    Another fbgroup for you: Control de seguridad
  5. One option is to air fright the bike from Cambodia to Mongolia. Cheaper than riding through beautiful but vey annoying China.

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