Riding from pattaya to Singapore ?

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  1. I may ride my Monster S4 to Singapore , what special paperwork other than Thai insurance document and the Green registration book and my Passport will i need ?
    Borders to cross , Malaysia and Singapore .

  2. Hi Jerry

    Malaysia no problem but you need an translation of your Green Book to english certified by the Land Transport in order to get Malaysian insurance and they check it when enter Singapore. Singapore also wants an english translation of the book, as well as International Driving License and money for tax and Singapore Insurance for the days you stay in SingaporeVery expensive!!!! The Singapore also checks that all taxes in Thailand are paid....Very polite and efficient service but a little to much "Singapore Style" for me so I leave the bike in Malaysia...

  3. Hiko, can you give an idea what one should expect in Singapure TAX + Insurance ?
    Checking Thai income tax? If I didnt know your earlier posts I´d say you take the pi.. out of us.
    How on earth are they doing this. The Thais cannt do it properly.
  4. Jerry one thing you must have is your number plate in English displayed front and back. You will be refused entry into Malaysia without it

    Your English translation of gren book, expires when your current visa expires (1-3 months)

    As Hiko said, you need translation to get insurance at Malaysia order, but if you have no translation, just across Malaysia border, about 500m on right hand side is a shop that issues Malaysia insurance, for Thai vehicles, without the need of the English translation. Mind you there will still be the problem of entering Singapore.


  5. Too much hassle i will fly down, I dont have current international license, no thai visa ,never had a Thai tax demand ,cant be arsed with all the bureaucracy.

  6. Sorry Jerry if I upset You. You do not need a Thai Tax clearance at the border to Singapore, only all Your taxes for the specified vehicle must be paid (but I still do not understand what the hell that belongs to the Singaporean authorities). I have never had any problems with plates in English as Tropical John says but it maybe true. I got a cost specification last time I wanted to enter Singapore and it was something like 1500 Baht a day!!!! for tax and insurance.

  7. It is still all very expensive , I will fly down as I an job hunting , If I dont get a job I will have to sell the bike , car and everything else as my house has been stolen by crooks in the land office who faked my chanut ,that investment was the last of my savings , Its end game here for mne now no money ,no job no future.

  8. Hi Hiko

    My friend was pulled over half way to Penang by Malaysian police, was made to go back to border to get English Plates made up. perhaps they don't bother checking up on everyone, but on some of my trips in Malaysia, the police set up a road block in a rest stop area and check every vehicle going through. Perhaps you have been lucky.
  9. I crossed into malaysia (sadao) last june. They checked my passport but didn't say anything about my scooter. I've been riding around kl for 2 months and haven't been stopped once. My bike is registered in Cambodia and has cambo plate.
  10. I never had a problem in either Malaysia or Singapore on Thai plates in both cars and bikes. Just had to have the registration translated into English from the Thai driver vehicle place near On Nut.
  11. That must be some ride Cambodia - KL on a scooter.
    Any chance of a trip report or summary of how it went.
    What about your border crossing into Malaysia
    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2
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    The trip was eexxccelent (other than getting knocked over by 2 ladyboys in phuket but that's another story). The border police in Malaysia stamped my passport and didn't even glance at my scooter. I usually rode about 200km a day and then stopped over for a few days. I regeared my scooter to 15/32 so it maintains 90kph.


    Kuala lumpur, land of the mega-mall!

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