Riding Honda phantom 20cc from Chiang mai to Nong Khai .. ?

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  1. Hi everybody.

    I am far from an expert in the motorbike world, used to riding pcx, small offroaders and the likes, but now i got a small Honda Phantom 200cc, in perfect condition.
    Would like a bigger later, but cost more money all that.. ;-)

    I have to go to Nong Khai in a weeks time, so thought maybe i could drive there with my Phantom..
    I were thinking doing it with 1 stopover each way, so approx 400km per day, cruising speed 80km/h all the way.

    Is this something that can be done on a Phantom, or best to rent a bigger bike, or...

    I have previously driven long trips, but these were on off road bikes, Vietnam Saigon-Hanoi, and Hua hin-Krabi and more..
    Mentioning this, to explain that i have experience, just not sure of the capability of the Phantom.

    If i do the trip, i will be sure to make a trip report on it ;-)
  2. The Phantom is capable of cruising all day economically at 80kph and is reasonable comfortable as well. So if you are happy cruising at that speed, I would go for it. It will probably manage to cruise nearer to 100kph if that appeals to you
  3. Thank you John.
    Sounds great. I think i will go for it then ;-)
    Was worried, because its a long ride. Approx 1500km return trip! Mythinking were maybe a Phantom were not strong enough to handle a trip like that..
    But thanx again.
  4. Go for it buddy! I met a guy ridding a Phantom at a hotel near Mae Sa. He based himself in Pattaya, but makes three month and longer solo road trips all over Thailand.

    FWIW, I've made several trips from Pattaya to Chiang Mai -and beyond- on a Honda Wave 110i. Smaller bikes will get you there, just takes a bit longer :)
  5. That sounds great.
    I am a little nervous though..
    Just did a little test run in the mountains around mai rim area..
    And could feel the lack of power in the bike on the steepest roads..
    If the mountain road had been just a little bit higher incline i would never have made it across the toughest parts..
    Think i will bring it to honda shop to see if i have some power problems, as i seen 125cc scooters going across no problems..
  6. TBH, I would take the bus. Loei is lovely - but after 5-6 hours, I had sore buttocks on a Phantom.

    Avoid Chakrapong (?) Tour to Udon. That's a bad operation running worn out buses JMHO.

    In Udon, there are vans from Central Plaza (near Bus Station 1) as you will arrive at Bus Station 2 outside town. Song Taew #6 can take you to the stop of the buses to Nong Khai.

    I'd rather do other tours if I was in Chiang Mai...

    Have a good trip!
  7. Don't worry about the size of your bike - small or big. YOu should always enjoy the ride whatever. Once upon a time all we got to ride here were 125s & we still went everywhere & had just as much fun, if not more. And I think to be honest you have more fun on a smaller bike!
    Pace yourself & take breaks as you feel necessary.
    If you're not in a rush why not do
    Chiang Mai - Sukhothai
    Sukhothai - Loei
    Loei Chiang Khan - Nong Khai.
    3 easy days with some sight seeing.
  8. That's definitely possible! A year ago I traveled 3,000km within one month around the south of Thailand on my old Yamaha Nouvo 135. It was actually very comfortable, big seat, and practical, under seat storage. This year I did 5,600km on my new CRF250M within one month; I had to get a rack made and my butt was sore after more than 200km. But the ride was of course more plush, good suspension and I traveled at 110km/h most of the time.
    I did 650km on the Nouvo in one day, no sweat!

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