Riding in China?

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  1. Just picked up a 2005 Shadow 750 Aero with only 600kms. I live in Korea and would like to take it to tour china this spring for a week or two. Has anyone brought a bike into China lately? I have all papers, plates, etc for the bike. Hey David ........ does the girl in room 6 (Khanpean) have a Chinese cousin, or sister? 2827.jpg
  2. worked in China last year and checked out riding bikes etc. Not a simple task. As Silverhawk mentioned in another forum. Go up to Search in the top right hand corner and type in China.
  3. I live in Thailand and have the stupid idea of riding to Beijing. I know that I have to get China number plates and registration plus a guide; and would need to enter China via Laos. Can anyone help as to the feezability of a trip like this.
  4. Kanaloa,

    As Tom Forde said just prior to your post - go to the top right and find "search"...here you will find Much Info regarding just about anything you need to know. Not just about where and how, but much much more also.

    And No - you can't get there from here, but please do your own "search".

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong

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