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  1. Whilst my focus for my visit is based on the North, I have a nephew based on Koh Tao in the scuba diving industry. I am considering a hop to the Island for a day or so.

    What is the mainland like for motorcycling in that region. It might be fun to spend a few days around the area on hired bike and take a couple of days out to go to the Island. Is it an interesting place to ride around the Chumphon area?


  2. Hi , tere are many nice places and tours around Chumpon.... Surat Thani ... Ranong. Try this bigger loop . You will see , its a great one. Follow route HWY 4 to Ranong , stay one night, Back HWY 4 until Takua Pa cross to road 401, Stay one night inSurat. Follow HWY 41 back to Chumpon.
    Other ..try the sea-front road to Prachuap , or down south to Surat Thani.
    And ..... not forget Bike Party KOH SAMUI 10.January 2009

    Eddy SRT

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