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  1. Ok going in with a Thia registered bike. Do you have obtain permits before hand and what proccedures do you need to follow?

    I was reading the other post about Garnets, someone metioned something about Lao being a free travel area. But it seems to me seeing threads where guys were denied entry, Seems to me I read somewhere tht Asain had addressed these problems. For example a Thai drivers license is good in the other countriies as well.

    So what is the current status of taking your bike into Lao and Malayasia?
  2. Thanks Capt next year the plan is to head south. I'll be reviewing some of your rides in that area between now and then some time after September is the general idea . Hey if I'm that close I haven't been in a English speaking coutnry in seven years that would be unique LOL

    The S/E Asia map incudes malyasia for th GPS.

    Lao I thoght I would ak imoply because there was a thread rinning wherein guys were not being allowed to cross after gettign the proper documetns seemed to be an old boruight back nevfer really reswloved adn I wa wonderign what the current situation wa.

  3. Ray- I know what your moniker says, but do you ever try to read what you write? One needs an interpreter. At least give a try. :shock:

    I crossed over to Laos twice last month with no problems. (I think this is what you are asking). I have not heard of other problems except someone talking their way across the Friendship Bridge to Vientiane, which has been closed to Thai bikes for some time. All you need is your bike's green book if the bike is in your name. Many threads already on the procedure posted in the Laos forum.
  4. Sorry, I'll try to mind my own business probably better that way
  5. Don't take offense. Just stating a fact that sometimes it is hard to decipher.
  6. Not offended Dave you were correct.
  7. Hio Friends,

    Your post are very interesting as it's one of the destination I would like to ride to this summer could you please help me and answer to these few accurate questions takink into account that:

    -a) I have a Thai registred bike under my name (Green Book) and Thai Insurance

    -b) I have an International Driving License together with my French Driving License

    -c) I have a valid Multiple entries OA 1 year visa

    Questions are:

    -1°) Can we drive safely down to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), I mean what is the right way to drive from Bankkok (or better Cha Am) to the South without being endanger in the South ?

    -2°) What are the exact documentation I should show at the border, if translations of document are needed, should be an official one, advises ?

    -3°) Is ther any risk for the bike (stolen or seized ...) ?

    Thanks by advance for your replies, having a great friend in Malaysia, I would be delighted to visit him this summer, riding from Cha Am to KL.
  8. Thanks Captain,

    But what about the papers ?
  9. 1. Obtain a translation of your green book from either the office that registered it, OR, the province next to the border you intend to cross. This takes just a few minutes and a few Baht for a sheet of A4.

    2. Attach a license plate with the English equivalent of the Thai letters. (I laminated a computer print out and stuck it over the existing plate... nobody complained )

    3. Once you are over the border you need to take out Malaysian insurance for the period you will be riding around in Malaysia. There is an office just before the Malaysian immigration office the border in Sadao. This takes about 30 minutes waiting for fax confirmation. I paid about 500 Baht or so for a month.

    And the other way, before I knew better, just ride across..... But you're uninsured and illegal.

    Enjoy the excellent motorways (no fees for bikes, just ride around the detour) and don't miss the Cameroun highlands, superb biking.
  10. "Hi,

    I crossed through Sadao near Hat Yai. It can be confusing when you first enter as you reach the passport booth first. Best thing to do is go straight through and park up past a few meters near the motocycle taxi boys and return to the passport booth to stamp out of Thailand.

    You need to then go to the booth on the other side (for those re-entering Thailand) and show your passport and green book and tell them you're leaving on your bike. They should give you two print-outs. You hand one to Thai customs next upon leaving and the other to this same booth upon re-entry.

    The Malaysian side, upon seeing the second print-out just waived me through. Apparently you're supposed to purchase insurance (1000 Bt) but I didn't so I guess I wasn't fully leagal while in Malaysia.

    Search GT-Rider for more info on this as I'm sure I didn't have all the correct paperwork from the Malay side.

  11. RAy 23,
    where are u right know/?already in Malaysia..pls call me if u facing any problem.i can be contact 012-2568742,,
    i stay near kl about 14km...may be if u hv free time we can have dinner together.

    c u bro :arrow:
  12. Thanks I always look way in advance at this things so won't go until October, So home in Udon. I think I saw the Capts Bike yesterday no time to stop or I would chased him down.

    Thanks for your kind offer :D

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