Riding my Bonny from the UK to NZ.


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Oct 19, 2008
Just found this website, and saw there is a Triumph thread.I have ridden my 2007 Bonny overland from England to Thailand, including a flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok.The bike has performed fantastically, and after getting a major service at Britbike in Bangkok, its back to its old self again.I have just ridden from Mae Sot to MaeHongSon, and it has to be the best biking road Ive ever been on.The curves and bends were brilliant fun on the bike.If there are any other Bonny owners out there, get in touch.My website is home page if anyone is interested in my journey, cheers Andy


Justg sent you a message on your website Andy. If you know what day(s) you will be in Chiang Mai, put up a post to meet for a beer or two at the Kafe one evening. I can also introduce you to the CNX Triumph people.