Riding North Into Chiang Khong

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  1. Quick question if I may. Is the route attached doable, or do I have to go the long way around on the Highways?

    Ignore the walking bit, it's on a motorcycle, but I couldn't get Google to cooperate with the routing if I said driving.

    2017-10-17 10.32.12 am.
  2. Road is very good in that section!
  3. Excellent. Thanks. Don't really care about the very good, just doable. Google Earth shows the road going under the main Hwy to Laos but didn't know if it was allowed. It's only planned as a little detour to get from the 1155 to the 1020 and should be a lot more interesting than going all the way around on the highway.
  4. Sorry took another look at your map and realised that I do not know that road at all, perhaps someone else may know? If you look on the google maps in terrain mode you can see very easily how the roads are!
  5. Yep. Did all that. It's the legality of it & will I be allowed to do it? That little loop bit under the Freeway was used during the road construction, and is now technically east of the Thai / Laos immigration checkpoint so is possibly considered to be in Lao, or may now be blocked off.
  6. There's a lot of promenade going in alongside the mekhong from Chiang Khong to Wiang Kaen. I'm not sure of the route you have mentioned but it could be dirt/gravel and not really suitable for a sports bike or cruiser, especially this time of year. There is a nice paved road , short cut to the 1155 at the next set of lights south of the Bridge road Lights. N20.21111° E100.40334° Thung Ngio Intersection.
  7. Found it & thanks for that. On a V strom so a little dirt isn't a problem, but the sealed will be quicker.
  8. Use OpenStreetMap and all tracks or roads has been ridden by GT-R riders and updated frequently.
    Google maps is all about marketing..
  9. Funnily enough, I am using OSM for this, and that uses the track I am asking about in preference to the sealed road. I like OSM, but for this little 10kms it’s not as good as other options. I am also using google and the ESRI maps.

    That’s why I am looking for someone that has actually been along it rather than trying to see it on a map.
  10. I have ridden it several times on a CRF. Can not remember if it is poor road. There is a few tricycle carts selling food and drinks under the bridge.
  11. Excellent. Thank you. I will try it and now have the backup of the sealed shortcut.

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