Riding Northern Laos on Honda Wave

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  1. hi
    Does anyone know if it is possible to ride from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiew, on to Xam Neua, then Phonsavan back To Lp on a Honda Wave? If we cruise it slowly?

  2. Hi TaniaPics,

    The route you are planning is exactly what got me in to biking..
    We didn't do the Xam Neua leg. But did the rest of the loop about 5 years ago..

    All very doable.. But you will find the pace a bit slow and a struggle up some of the mountains.
    Don't try and over take any trucks unless you can see way ahead.. The wave is just too gutless.

    It gets a bit chilly up on the top of the mountains. So have some warm gear easily accessible.

    Make sure you wear a helmet and good boots at a minimum.. Extra gear such as jacket and elbow / knee guards would be advised.

    Have a great ride..

    On the Wave you will take in a lot more scenery and stop for more pics.

    Distances in Laos are deceptive.. In the West we say.. 100km, allow 1.5 hours.. that can be 3 hours easily in Laos
    Leave early and plan with spare time as a buffer. Not nice riding in the dark. If you arrive early have a Beer Lao Sundowner

  3. Stunning - thanks for the reply! Will try to post a few pics when we get back! ;)
  4. Tania. How did you go - did the trip work out ok?

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