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  1. Hi my name is Ryan. I have just moved to Phon Hong in the Vientiane district, Lao PDR for the next year - originating from the Kimberley, West Aus.
    I have purchased a XR 250 Baja to get back and forth to Vientiane as well as explore the region. My experience with bikes is limited and thus would appreciate any advice as to a good resource to improve my riding, and keep safe etc. I was intending to buy Motorcycling Excellence 2nd edition - is this a good start?
    With thanks.
  2. Hi Ryanjames,

    The world wide web vs. a single book - should be a no brainer. Go to google and type in just about anything to do with on or off road riding skills; how to/how not to...and a multitude of info will be yours for the reading. Probably a key here, is to read/ride/read some more and ride some more...and when all else fails - just get on it and do it - and have a great time.[:D][:D]

    David and Mai
  3. Ryan
    Try the link below for some tips from the ol GT Rider himself.
    the bit you would most likely appreciate is The Smooth Rider tips.
    These may be a help & lots of guys will say that I aint a smooth rider to ride with, but I reckon that.....

    Keep The Power On
  4. Ryan
    Also if you go to
    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2
    you'll find links to two other excellent sites with heaps of links & tips.
    Work your way through these & you'll be kept busy for quite a while.

    Keep The Power On

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