Riding Samoeng Chiang Mai-Phayao-Phrao Loops ER6n

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  1. 052809RideMap.

    Drove up to Chiang Mai last week to see some friends and the weather was good so I rented an ER6n from Pops and went for a couple great rides!


    Wife and son getting ready to head out Thai style (3-up) wink.gif

    The little guy trying out my friends Honda Phantom-

    Get me off of this thing!

    A pitstop near Samoeng-

    Liam's Kawasaki ER6n with cool custom paint and Givi rack-

    Saying hi to the BiB laugh.gif

    Checking out the Mae Sa Valley map-

    Chris on his beloved Phantom- riding in sandals??? dry.gif

    A bit hazy but still an amazing view over the Samoeng forest-

    See you again soon!

    Happy Trails!

  2. Was good fun bro, hope to see you again in July.
  3. Tony

    Nice stuff and very bright color your rented ER6
  4. Great story and photo's. Makes me want to be back there now.

    Quick question, looking for a web site for Pops, and some details on rental costs for the ER6N.

    Can't find any details on who has the bike, and how much it is on the regular links off this site. Suspect a few web sites need updating.

  5. Well done Tony!

    See the weather was kind to you as well. Nice shots.
  6. Tony will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe when he rented last week they originally asked for 1200 baht a day, but he argued them down to 1000 baht a day.

    Someone else rented one a few weeks back and told me he paid 800 baht a day.

    So it sounds like it's negotiable and probably has a lot to do with how many days you are going to rent.
  7. Thanks for that info about the pricing. Does Pop's have a web site and is anyone else carrying the new bikes? Mr Mechanic, Tony's etc still have the Honda 400 as the 'bike to have'.
  8. Deano, I don't know about the websites, but right now there are mobs of shops renting big bikes and almost no tourists to rent them.

    I just drove down the east side of the moat this morning and took 60 seconds worth of photos of the shops in that area to give you an idea of what they have in stock. I didn't even stop at all the shops, just the ones where it was convenient to pull over. All of these pics are from different storefronts, and all within a few hundred meters of each other.

    Seems like the most common bikes are the D-Trackers and the Kawasaki 250 dirtbikes. Plenty of ER6n's too.








    Hope that answers your question.
  9. Thanks for that. It will be November before I am back up there with a group of maybe 8. Pre booked will be the go for that many bikes. I will keep checking the websites.
  10. Tony
    Good to see you back up here for a ride. Sorry I was away - coming back from Laos - but hope to catch up to you for a ride 'n drink (after the ride) next time.
    Thanks for your contribution - please keep them coming. :D

    P.S. Glad you liked the GT Rider Samoeng map up on show at the police checkpoint / T-Junction just out of Samoeng. It's been an absolute winner there for the last 18 months. The cops love it for showing people, especially since there is often a serious communication problem. :roll:
  11. That is a lot of motorcycles and apparently a good deal of choice. Not so good for the local economy I guess. Seems to answer my question from another thread



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