Riding small, bringing up the 1,000km

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  1. To round off the 1,000km mark I did another of my well travelled routes north on the 107 on the24th of April. Taking in breakfast at possibly my favourite breakfast ride stop, Chiang Dao Nest, continuing north on the 107 just a little until turning right onto the 1150 for the very enjoyable ride to Phrao for the final leg down another enjoyable road, the 1001.

    Ready to go (again)

    The dog stayed home.
    As I always try to do, I avoided the main bulk of Mae Rim town centre by taking the canal road and rejoining the 107 at the Samoeng junction.
    I do like it around Chiang Dao

    And as I have said before, I do like breakfast at Chiang Dao Nest

    Breakfast over, a short ride took me to the 1150.I like the 1150, I sort of regard it as a road of 2 halves with Phrao in the middle. The views are really nice BUT I didn't lie this mess I came across;

    Why oh why do people spoil such a wonderful environment? They should be ashamed.

    Onwards I got the usual smile from check point guy.

    The 1001 seemed to just pass, it is really such an easy road with flowing bends but beware. I saw the recovery of 3 vehicles that can only have been 2 minivan overtaking a lorry on a blind bend hitting a poor car minding his own business on his side of the road.
    Just 1 more things, I really would have likes a coffee along the 1001 but I didn't see any. Please let me know if you have places you recommend.
    That was it, 230km that ride and the PCX ready for its first service.
    Sorry, photos gone with revamp of services.
  2. Sounds like you're enjoying the new ride alright.
    Its actually a lot easier &more enjoyable on the smaller bike?
    Wish I knew of an aircon coffeeshop on R1001 too....maybe someone will know.

    What's your favourite stop in Phrao?
  3. On R1150 Chiang Dao - Phrao, check out the temple Wat Pang Makok for a quick photo sometime.
  4. So sad to see garbage dumped all over the place like this..

  5. This is what I call the 'Songkran Special'. Unfortunately it happens all to often and obviously not just over Songkran. These mini vans really need to be regulated to put a stop to this madness.
  6. Thanks David
  7. Yes it is quite fun, was planning MHS loop this week but the Mrs has been poorly so will have to wait until I return from Blighty:) Haven't really developed a Phrao favourite as yet but there is time. Thanks for the encouragement.
  8. I would imagine a fair few of us, if polled, would say we too have been forced to take avoiding action by multi vehicle or simply "just don't give a **** I am coming through, flashing lights=I have right of way" manoeuvres. In this case the numpty got it wrong, there was no where to go.

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