Riding The Mountain Roads Between Phitsanulok And Chiang Khong

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  1. We started our journey on the bike from a resort near Pitsanulok where we off loaded the bike and left our pick-up truck for a week, 650 km from home.


    The first day we made it to Changwat Nan, as it was very hot weather we did not want to ride long days.
    We used the shadow of temples along the way to pause and have a drink quite often.
    I made this short video of the ferry to Ban Pak Nai on our way to Nan.

    The ferry was at the other side and not willing to cross, waiting for customers, until a monk showed up and made a phone call...lucky us.

    No video's of the roads we took in this post as it would not ad a lot to the existing videos. But I made a 2.40 minutes compilation of some mountain roads North of Nan.

    Next day in Chiang Kham we decided that we really needed a beer in the afternoon, it was very hot again, and therefore checked in Chiang Kham Hotel down town, clean, friendly and 300 THB, with safe parking.
    The Teak temple in Chiang Kham
    Instead of heading directly to Chiang Rai we took the 1155 and stayed in Chiang Khong.
    A really nice road to ride and a beautiful spot at the Mekong.

    There were road works West of Chiang Khong (1290) which inspired me to make this video.

    Taking rural roads where ever possible we ended our journey in Ban Sop Ruak, in the recommended Mae Khong River Side hotel. Beautiful location, we had a room on the top floor.
    From the balcony I made a video of everything that floats or sails on the Mekong, I was impressed.

    The lady who runs the hotel let me park our bike across the street, in a room that she also used as her bedroom, really! We had a nice stay at the GT.

    Travelling South we stayed in Chaing Rai and next day rode via 1020 until 1128 which we took to follow an alternative route to Phrae via rural roads, hitting the 103 near Phrae.
    From Phrae back to our resort looking back at 7 days and a relaxed 1400 km on the bike.

    Thanks to Goran Phuket and DavidFL for sharing their experience to make this a great trip.

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  2. Nice one Mike.

    That little hotel right at the GT is a beauty eh? A fantastic feeling sitting there having a beer at dusk, watching all the river traffic & wondering how much smuggling is still going on right there under your noses.

    So it looks like that in Nan you did these roads
    1. R1339 – 1026 From Pak Nai – Wiang Sa
    2. R1169 Nan – “Santisuk”
    3. R1081 “Santisuk” – Bo Klua
    4. R1256 The Doi Phuka Road, Bo Klua - Pua
    5. R1148 Tha Wang Pha – Chiang Kham
    6. R1155 “Chiang Kham - Chiang Kong.”​

    How do you rate them?
    • Which was the best ride?
    • Which was the best road’
    • Which was the most interesting?
    Would you skip any of these out next time?

    Thanks for your report - much appreciated.

    I hope you got the riding you were looking for.
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  3. Yes David we did get the the riding we were looking for.
    My best experience riding in Thailand after last year's trips in Kanchanaburi.

    We indeed did these roads (and some other beauties, rural roads without number on the map):
    1. R1339 – 1026 From Pak Nai – Wiang Sa
    2. R1169 Nan – “Santisuk”
    3. R1081 “Santisuk” – Bo Klua
    4. R1256 The Doi Phuka Road, Bo Klua - Pua
    5. R1148 Tha Wang Pha – Chiang Kham
    6. R1155 “Chiang Kham - Chiang Kong.”​
    They were all worthwhile, some parts went through burned areas, which was a pity, but that will be beautiful in other seasons I suppose.
    I think our favourite is the R1081 combined with R1256. Hard to tell as all roads offered at least partly great riding and scenic views.
    And yeas, we enjoyed the little hotel at the GT point, fascinating.
    Thanks again for your tip.
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  4. Beautiful little report, thanks for posting Mike.
    Wat Nantaram in Chiang Kham looks impressive as ever.
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  5. We did not report many POI apart from Wat Nantaram (that we found by coincident), as we assume they are well known and personally we make the trip for the riding in other regions, not for sight seeing. (And for us waterfalls is just water that falls :) ) We enjoy all the little things when travelling, the stops for food or drinks, having a chat, strolling the evening in an unknown town, difficult to get that in a report. We had a great 8 days, and the rainy season started the day after we came home. The gods were with us. Thanks again for your input Goran. Cheers

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