River Terrace - Grand Opening - 6pm Friday 7th March 2008

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  1. General invitation from the management at Westside Restaurant on Wang Sing Kham Road - midway between Superhighway and Rattanakosin Road. All GT-Riders welcome....

    Apparently, this place used to be bigger than Riverside, years ago. New management are from the old open-air Eung Peung Restaurant (excuse spelling)on Canal Road - its been closed, demolition imminent, to allow construction of new condos.

    Westside has just re-opened after renovations this week - David and I ate there last night and it looks like its got serious potential - river view, lots of space, live music etc.


  2. Yep the new joint is called River Terrace.
    There's free drinks at the bar supposedly from 6-10 PM.

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