Road 359 that runs east to Sa Kaeo

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  1. Abg Acid

    Abg Acid Ol'Timer

    Hi all
    We are planning a bicycle trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Studying the roads, after a night ChaCheongsao we would head east again and be meeting this road 359. How ever we notice on the GPS it is just a straight road. We are now wondering what kind of road it is?. Is it cycle friendly? or should we avoid it, and head to Kabin Buri instead and travel east using road 33?

    Thank you
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  3. monsterman

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    Its 2 lane highway in good condition but the 33 would be better as its 4 lane and more user friendly for cyclists
  4. Abg Acid

    Abg Acid Ol'Timer

    Tq Monsterman,
    I would appreciate to know more of this 359, like availablity of roadside stop areas for drinks, food or even gas station where we can rest and use the washroom. My gps dont show much of this road. Most probably we would pick this road if it is not too lonely or passes thru some unfriendly atmosphere.

    Thanks in advance
  5. Changnoi1

    Changnoi1 Ol'Timer

    If you not did already ... you could use Google Earth on your PC to check-out a route.
    I would use route 359 as it is less busy. Of it is not a "nice" road to ride, there are all kind of "short-cut" roads but that will take much more time. Halverway on the 359 is a nice coffee-shop & restaurant with good toilets.
    If you would follow the 304 via Kabinburi, just 1km before the 33 is a good PTT gasoline station with restaurants, 7/11 and good toilets.

    As of short-cuts you could drive to "Plaeng Yao" on the 331 and then go straight in direction of the 317 via "Lat Krating", "Tha Kradang", "Wang Tha Chang" and "Khao Chakan". Great trip, but will take you much longer.

    Chang Noi
  6. Abg Acid

    Abg Acid Ol'Timer

    Thank you Changnoi1 for the detail reply. Yes, Ive check on the google maps and placed waypoints on my GPS.
    The route seems much clearer now.

  7. CBR250

    CBR250 Ol'Timer

    That road is always ultra windy whenever I'm on it. Is surrounded by flat plains, and is driven on by convoys of cars, buses and trucks at 140kph+. Dead straight with very little to see.
  8. Abg Acid

    Abg Acid Ol'Timer

    Wow! wind and steep gradient are 2 worst elements in cycling. Here it is flat, but the sound of ultra wind is a frightening thing. Thanks for the information bro.

  9. burnjr

    burnjr Ol'Timer

    respect to you ride to combodia by bicycle brother
  10. eastbaybob

    eastbaybob New Member

    I've ridden my bike down the 359 a couple of times now. Its fine for riding with lots of food and drink along the way. As far as the wind, I've seen it go both directions, and if you catch it when its at your back it makes for a lovely ride. There are hills but none that require small chain rings, and most didn't require down shifting at all. I've also done the 33 before and it sucks, yes there is food and drink but its just like riding along a freeway, more so than the 359. Of all the roads that I've done in this area the 3259 is the best ride. Nice forest less traffic but pleasant. If you take that route there is lodging in Wang Nam Yen, and from there its a short distance to Aranyaphathet.
  11. Abg Acid

    Abg Acid Ol'Timer

    Thank you bro, will keep the lodging in mind. Wang Nam Yen.
    Now I need to do research on 3259 too.


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