Road between Poipet and Sisophong is getting asphalted

Oct 5, 2007
We (Murray, Michael and myself) are back from our week long trip in Cambodia and we have had a great time. Last time we were there was October 2007 and a remarkable number of changes has taken place in the 4 month in between (positive and negative once). We will post them here over the next weeks while trying to catch up with work at the same time.

We did not do the Cardammon as originally planned, mostly based on the advice from the people who posted replies to our queries. Instead we focused more or less on Preah Khan and the different ways to get there. A full trip report with pictures and more detailed information will follow later, first some impressions.

We entered Cambodia again through the Poipet border crossing. This time we knew what to expect and with all papers and copies prepared we cleared the paper work in 45 minutes. Michaels bike did not have a green book yet and despite the motorbike shop saying that it was possible to take it, this was not possible (even after urging the Thai officer to help us in return for some “help”). So he took the Camry (taxi) to Siem Reap to hire a motor bike there.

Murray and myself took our bikes and were on our way. After the first couple of km’s in Poipet which are as bad as ever the road condition became very good and after 25 km’s towards Sisophon we discovered something which we never saw before there; Tarmac. They actually have asphalted about 25 km’s up to Sisophon. On our way back a week later they were putting the second layer on.

Also the part between Sisophon and Siem Reap is at the moment in very good condition. Some patches with sand still remaining, just enough to keep you awake and with the dry weather there was a lot of dust. Furthermore there are still the Camry’s which are all over the road with a much too high speed trying to surprise if not kill you.
Compared to what it was however this is a walk in the park. In 2 hours and 45 minutes we drove from the border to Siem Reap and this includes some refueling and drinking stops.

It is to be expected that the road between Poipet and Siem Reap will only further improve and should be completely asphalted and bridged (now most bridges have a bypass) by end 2009 when the monopoly of some airlines for Siem Reap airport is finishing. It will be then an easy drive except for the camry’s and busses which will still try to make your life as hard as possible.

More to follow later.[/b]


Mar 5, 2006
Good to hear some asphalt is going down.
I was on the SR to Ssphon section last week

and the dust can be an issue.

I cannot say I noticed much improvement on the road SR-Ssphon having ridden it twice in 06.
The road from Battambang to Pailin is as bumpy as it was then.
Though Battambang is certainly perking up as a 'destination'.

Keep the reports coming.
Nov 3, 2006
Jan 2008 bet poipet - Siep Reap........

Road under construction....

Neither Asphalt, tarmac....its Dirt mostly....
Oct 5, 2007
Dear all

I know it is not much but it is a start. Coming from Sisophong after the curves at the bridges just outside Sisophong for a distance of 25 there is really tarmac.

Sisophong itself and the road to Siem Raep (except for the last 30 km's to Siem Raep) is still dirt raod but it is improving.

We did the road in October last year and it took us more then 3 and half hours from Poipet to SR. This time we did it in 2 hours and 45 minutes including stops.

As siad most likely by 2009 finished. Next time when we pass we will take a picture of the Tarmac part.