road closesures around Phitsanulok,Phichit,Taphan hin etc due to water

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  1. Just back from a trip , and had to make loads of detours!!
    Roads blocked where
    bit of route 12 ring rd around around phitsanulok
    Phichit 111 and 113 to Taphan hin
    Taphan hin 113 to Thap khlo
    Taphan hin 1070 to the 117
    lots of the small roads around these areas can quickly get blocked.

    couple of pics from thapahin and how the locals ride there waves come rain/shine

    Attached files 271747=5357-CIMG4192. 271747=5358-CIMG4195. 271747=5359-CIMG4200.

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