Road from CM to Pai - mud patch?

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  1. Some months back - during my last bike trip to Pai - I got into very deep mud about 10 miles before Pai itself.

    Can someone tell me if that particular stretch has now got tarmac on it - before I venture out there again

    Many thanks,

  2. Some months ago eh?
    Love to help you & give you the right info, but have you got a road & trip report to share?
    Many thanks....
  3. Dave,

    Here's a 'belated' report on that particular one.

    It was early June - during one of my regular weekend trips to Pai.
    Had been raining previous couple of days and then I found myself in about 12-15 inches of mud.
    Mud patch must have gone on for about a mile (it seemed like that anyway). And then, when I thought it was all over - hit a second patch of similar length.
    Numerous small cars/buses stuck in mud.

    Seems that they were removing the old tarmac - prior to laying new stuff - but, in-between, the weather decided to move in and make a right mess of things.

    Nice new stretch of tarmac as you get onto the final run towards Pai itself, but am curious to know if the whole route is now covered in tarmac.

    Some friends visiting from Europe and they want to to go there on their bikes. Hence question.

  4. I came back on the Main Road from Pai 2 weeks ago and Beautiful. New Tar on the Pai side but still the old on the CM side but no sign of any Mud! Rain season is all but over now anyway so i doubt you will find any deep Mud anywhere even Off Road, Any Dirt sections and You will be blessed with Loads of Dust instead!!! I prefer the Mud.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. Great news!
    Many thanks Ian.

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