Road from Huang Xay to Nam Tan

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  1. How ist the Road now from Huay Xay to Luang Nam Tha ? Is this way under construction and asphalt road now ? [:)]

  2. Armin
    Before you ask anymore questions requesting help & advice why don't your contribute some road & trip reports with info for the roads that you have been on in Laos / North Thailand / Vietnam?
    You’ve been asked this before & you don’t put anything back in.
    The wonderful photos you posted a few weeks ago are a cop-out on hard road data. You were asked for some info on the road from Pha Volo to Longcheng which you claimed to have done, but you could not be bothered to reply with some info.
    Now you asking for info on the HX – LNT road.
    You only get minus brownie points for this, so please do yourself a favour & put something back in. Your English is good enough so there are no excuses.

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  3. Hallo David, my english is not so good for posting here news. I only can send a lot of more nice pictures. I ask here not for me I ask for some friends from Dutch they want to go this way next week. I stay home because I have a accident. Dont worry please. Its easy to put very good reports here in but not in english.

    You were asked for some info on the road from Pha Volo to Longcheng I never ask for this road ! When I want to do it I do it. [:0]
  4. I am leaving for Chiang Khong and Huay Xai tomorrow and will be heading north to Luang Nam Tha probably on Tuesday. I WILL be doing a report but probably not for another 2 weeks when I return from Phongsali area. Won't do you friends much good, but I will keep an eye out for them. Also a few others headed that way this week and next week.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  5. Cyclops smith top picks, mate it looks like it was raining like a bugger!
    Good light hey, lao beer time, an sticky rice, yum...Scott
  6. Huay Xai to Luang Nam Tha is doable right now if you like riding in a construction zone 183 km long. The first half to Veing Phouka is still dusty and you have to put up with a lot of truck traffic. Some areas are cleared up to four lanes wide, dirt, while other areas you are still riding "goat tracks". No real logic to how they are working the road, but is definately dirty and dusty. Some areas had signs warning that the road would be closed for 15 minute periods while they worked in the road. We were stopped once while they cleared and moved dirt around with road graders. Don't even think about trying it if there is rain.

    From Vieng Phouka north, many of the water crossings have had temporary bridges constructed but there are still a few streams where you are going to get wet. Also most of the log bridges have now been covered with dirt. I think only about 3 are left that you need to be careful crossing.

    It is a full days ride to make it all the way to Luang Nam Tha and then we found that many backpackers seem to be going there and most of the guesthouses were full.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?

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