Road from Saraburi towards Phetchaburi without passing thro BKK

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  1. Dear all

    I would be most obliged if members who are familiar with the route from Saraburi towards Phetcahburi without entering BKK as I need to ride towards south.
    The other option is the road from Saraburi to Kanchanburi or Ratchaburi so long that I can enter R4 by passing BKK.


    Warmest regards

    Lip Meng
  2. Hi Lip Meng

    The easiest way i have gone would be to take route 1 to just past Wang Noi and turn onto Route 9 and follow it till you reach Bang Khum Thian and the get onto route 35 and follow it till you reach route 4 and then take the 4 all the way to Phetchaburi. I have taken this route a couple and it is the best way to avoid the center of Bangkok. I hope this helps you out and safe riding

  3. Thanks Grubman

    I have exited BKK via Nakhom Pathom upon reaching Pathum Thani and will update the route that I took upon my return home.


    Lip Meng

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