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    Small update to the fantastic map you're producing:
    The road to Paksong from road 11 (Sekong Attapeu) starts at the junction in Dongchan as stated on the map, Only it's a dirt road (all weather) and no paved road as indicated. Maybe a better equipped explorer can chart this one.
    Unfortunately our bike doesn't even have an odometer, leave alone a gps, so we can't further comment on this one. There is a T-junction coming from the east. The left leg leads to a power plant (haven't tried this one) the left leg leads to phonsali. About a Km away from the junction (direction of Paksong) There is a small dirt road leading to the most beautifull waterfall we've seen in all of laos. A 2 tiered, twin brother waterfal of about 20m down. Tad fan is higher but this one's nicer!

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  2. Mingh'os post some pickies for us poor bastards at home, enjoyed your input!

    Lao Beer for every one!!!! with a snake wine shooter...
  3. Mingh
    Thanks for the correction & hot tip.
    Your directions are a bit vague, but I assume you're talking about Sekong - Pakxong & that R11 is dirt from Pakxong - to the Donchan junction, right? And all asphalt from Pakxong - Pakxe?
    This differs from what 2 or 3 other local expats claimed "that the road Route 11 is asphalt all the way to Attapeu & the Vietnam border!"
    How far down Route 11 did you go - as far as Attapeu?

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  4. Sorry for the vagueness, but we've no gps, not even an odometer...
    We've gone south from sekong to dochan, all asphalt, and that continued as far as we could see. So the expats'claim may be right, we never went as deep as Attapeu. The turnoff west to Paksong is all dirt untill an estimated 8 km before paksong. From there it's all blacktop (with the occasional pothole to keep one alert ;-)) to Pakse.

    About attapeu: our visum was about to expire so we couldn't go, but the italian owner of the fantastic Kingfisher Lodge said that other tourists have made it to attapeu from R13 (the east west route that is partially unconfirmed) That's a lot of hearsay but i'm sure anyone in an exploring mood can chart this bit of adventure

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  5. David,
    I will confirm this again, I will be there in about 4 days. Will keep good notes and post what I find but am sure 1 is paved all the way out.


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  6. The road from Donchan to Pakxong (about 67 km in about 1 hour 10 minutes in a 4WD) is good dirt with only the last 10 km or so at the Pakxong end being asphalt. Sekong to Attapeu is a very good asphalt road (Rd 11). Did not go beyond Attapeu so don't know about the Attapeu Vietnam border part.

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