Road Report CM - Mae Sa Long - Phrao and Return 24-25 Nov


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Sep 2, 2005
I did an overnight ride to Mae Salong and back on 24-25 Nov and would like to share the road conditions here.

Rt 107 north to Fang was excellent except for a few 100-200m patches of road construction near Chiang Dao and Fang. Any bike will do.

1089 from Fang north to Santisuk great, any bike will do. The Mae Sa Long loop, 1234 - 1130 - 1089 excellent, better than I remember, one small patch 100m of construction on 1089. Any bike will do.

Rt 109 south of Fang east to Mae Suai excellent, and bike will do. 118 south to Foei Hai, excellent. Rt 1150 west from Foei Hai to Phrao, excellent. Then 1001 south from Phrao back to Chiang Mai all excellent.

As of this week all these roads were great, no notable construction or landslides, etc. to cause concern. Ride as fast or slow as you like.

Sorry I missed the memorial ride, to me its a reminder that many people don't get to enjoy their lives doing what makes them happy. Those guys did - cheers to them! Looks like it was an awesome ride. Ride safe. -Rusty