Road Report: Mae Sot - MHS - Chiang Mai.

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    Road Report: Mae Sot - MHS - Chiang Mai.
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    Mae Sot to Mae Sarieng - the road is fine with occasional potholes, but otherwise excellent for touring.
    However Mae Sarieng to Mae Hong Song has several washed out areas - a couple just past Mae Sarit are on uphill sections and are about 100 meters long, heavily rutted dirt but passable by big cruising bikes.
    Mae Hong Song to Pai has potholed corners and some corrugated sections, but still good for touring.
    Pai to Chiang Mai - the first 20 kms is broken pavement with poor repairs, after that it is excellent winding pavement.
    We rode these sections during the second week of November/02 on a loaded 800 cc touring bike - 2 up.


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