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    <p><p> What kind of riding do you like ?</p><p>What kind of scenery do you want ?</p><p>What kind of bike do you want to rent ?</p><p>I live in the south, and what you have selected there is a beach holiday .. Also to make clear, the roads in the south are built for transport, connecting the industrial centers / countries .. so they are straight, flat and fast, often dangerous. </p><p>Surat > Samui, - pretty unappealing. Samui is expensive and not really representative of Thailand.</p><p>Samui > Ko Lanta - There are a lot of things to do on this trip, there are some "mountains" in the area, for instance you have Ban Khiri Wong, which is a community of immigrants in the hills that offers homestays, the place is good for fruit, there are some waterfalls and white water rafting .. its cool but its just one day, at the weekend its busy with Thai's - in the week you may be on your own.</p><p>Ko Lanta - One of the last bastions of the backpacker - theres still some cheap places, friendly travelers. I like it there, I visit twice a year, but its low season .. the high season there is very short - but amazingly friendly and busy. There are some good day trips out on the boat, but if they are running at this time, its hard to tell. You can rent bike on Lanta, like KLX250 or Honda CF250, but nothing as organised as you would see in the north.</p><p>Krabi > Phuket  - A Pretty boring straight road. Theres the tiger temple on the edge of a cliff and thats about it en-route until you get to Phetkasem road around Phang-Na.</p><p>Phuket - I love Phuket, we very rarely go there as its a little pricey and tourist orientated, but its big and has some nice rides around it, there is a sense of Thai community in town .. Check when the vegetarian festival is, maybe around your visit. Great for a lad's weekend, bit of riding, night time entertainment, good eating then home to the  wife.</p><p>Phuket > Khao Sok - There is a report about Cheiw Larn reservoir, check it.</p><p>Ranong .. Awesome ride, for a day .. I don't recall too much to see, but your just riding down through national park between Myanmar.</p><p>I don't know where to hire a bike in BKK .. But there are a few threads here about renting bikes in Chiang Rai / Chiang Mai .. There would  certainly be better roads in the north, but no beaches for sure !</p><p>I think, you should research your destinations - I try and write about the places I visit here, the riding is secondary to my points of interest, as I know I will sniff out some nice roads on my travels.</p><p>Have a good holiday.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p></p>

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