Road Trip Video - Mae Hong Son Loop

Discussion in 'Thailand Motorcycling Videos' started by jonty, May 30, 2016.

  1. I completed one of the most scenic roads in the world called the Mae Hon Son Loop. Its about 784 kms and having more than 2000 curves. I enjoyed experiencing Thai culture with the locals and definitely the most scenic route I have ridden so far. Just when you think the scenery cannot get any better, it gets better and better. I felt I was in a roller coaster ride designed by nature.
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  2. Jonty
    This clip is a beauty.....I love the way you mixed it all up - to keep the interest going, trying to figure out where you were all the time.
    Well done - that took some time & care.
    Good to see you doing a bungy jump at the Xcentre too - you're a better man than me.
    You did it all on a small bike too - smaller is better as so you go slower & get to take more in I reckon.

    Thanks for this cool post.
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  3. Glad you liked the video DavidFL. Yes spot on! Smaller the better :D more time to enjoy the nature and the route.
  4. You are right Jonty, this Route is splendid. Your video really pays justice to this wonderful landscape, it is well cut, entertaining and enticing. I enjoyed it a lot and hope that you will contribute more :)
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  5. Wonderful happy video Jonty. Most enjoyable. It is great advertising for a bike riding holiday in northern Thailand.
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  6. Thanks Jurgen. Happy that you enjoyed it. I hope to contribute more too. :)
  7. Thanks ianyonok. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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