Road works - The Samoeng Loop


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Date: Monday 17th November.
There's about 15 kms of resurfacing going on, on the south side, route 121, halfway to Samoeng. Should be finished in a few more weeks. Meanwhile watch out for dirt /gravel on the road and fresh wet asphalt. Thanks for the phone call BobS.

Keep the power on


Feb 23, 2003
A mth later and it's still a bit rough along that section. Shame as it's not only a great day ride for many but it's also one of my favourite night rides. Some night's I do the loop to get home (instead of crossing CM) as crossing CM is becoming more like BKK everyday.
Anyway, the farmers are using thousands of bright lamps in the fields to help with crop growth (?) This is what they told me anyway. If you venture out this way late at night stop near the large elephant camp - you can't miss the lights! The combination of stars and lamps makes for a truly amazing sight. Be sure to fill your tank before leaving CM as many places close as early as dusk. Also remembering that the small barrel type garages on the loop tend to pump a less cleaner fuel than the bigger garages - having said this I once found a lot of water mixed in with the fuel I bought from one of these bigger garages!