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  1. confused.

    The most recent GT rider map shows only one road. From Udomxai via Muang La.
    Engineers working on the New highway to thailand told us that there's a dirtroad leaving more or less at the province border between Luang Nam Tha and Udomxai (on the road from Udomxai to Luang Nam Tha) They say this road leads to Ban Boun thai, and not to the Chinese border.This is also shown on a Nelles Map (2005)

    Does anyone have first hand information if this road connects to China or Phongsali? Did anyone actually try it?

  2. Just back from Phongsali and did not see any new road that would match what you are describing. Hwy 3 is construction zone all the way from Huay Xai to Luang Nam Tha and then the cutoff, Hwy 138, to Boten is also just all dirt and new construction in progress. I also took the road shown on David's map from Hwy 13 to Meochai at the border but did not see any signs of another new road.

    Oudamxai to Sin Xai (Hwy 2E)is a nice scenic paved road but when you turn left at Sin Xai (Hwy 1B)and head for Boun Tai it is dirt and rock. Very rough riding with loose rocks and stones all the way to Ban Yo. After that the road to Phongsali or Pakha is good asphalt. Again, we saw nothing in the way of another route, but then again we weren't looking as we had David's map, but I would be surprised to find a better route right now.

    Dave Early

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  3. Thanks,

    We went to find out and came to the same findings as you did.
    But what great fun to be had in this beautiful area!

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