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  1. 2016%20Nth%20Thai%20Ride_zpstny3nzcd. 2016 Roadtrip

    Can anyone advise on the road conditions of Hwy 2195 between Na Haeo and Chiang Khan.....I hear it has been repaired and is rideable, just need confirmation. Any news is good.....anybody???
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    got the answers myself......the road is great....some under repair but being widened, will be a good road when done, connecting 2113, 2114, 2013....enjoy
  3. First hand experience + advice.
    The way to go.
    Sorry you didn't get the info beforehand.

    If you've got any photos of that section of road you're welcome to post them here too
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    a few pics from the 2195....most of the road was in good condition, some under repair and some broken up sections, didn't bother us too much.

    Hwy 2195 b1.
    Hwy 2068 outside Na Haeo Resort.....1.5 km under repair

    Hwy 2195 b2.
    smoko break with a view to Laos

    Hwy 21951.
    Fuel stop

    Hwy 21952.
    meet the locals

    Hwy 21953. Hwy 21954.

    Here's some video....different road surfaces along the way .....
  5. Thanks for the images R2195 has been one of those "mystery roads" for a while.

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