Roadworks On 1129 - Chiang Saen To Chiang Khong

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  1. ianyonok

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    It seems the next phase of the road widening on the 1129 is now going full on. The part from Chiang Saen to the bottom of the mountain pass at Bahn Kiew Kan was finished a year or so ago. Plus both new bridges at Sop Kok are complete. Now they are working on the more difficult phase, the rest of the way to Chiang Khong.
    I was told this work would take about three years. Not surprising, it is tricky terrain. Bridges to rebuild over mountain streams and lots of mountainside to cut away. They seem to be following the original road which is steep in places.
    These pics were taken heading towards CK. This is from the end of the completed section and heading up to Kiew Kan.
    2016-09-01 08.53.08.
    2016-09-01 08.57.43.
    2016-09-01 08.58.01.
    2016-09-01 08.59.30.
    Looking back southwest. New bridge or drains will be needed here.
    2016-09-01 08.59.19.
    2016-09-01 09.00.00.
    Then down to the Khong
    2016-09-01 09.07.25.
    At the junction of the 4007 river road
    2016-09-01 09.15.45.
    Up to the Viewpoint
    2016-09-01 09.20.56.
    2016-09-01 09.21.03.
    2016-09-01 09.24.16.
    I found it quite sad really....
    2016-09-01 09.25.27.
    I must have seen 100 excavators and 200 trucks at work. Talk about Full On....
    I barely recognised some parts. When they want to build a road, they certainly do a good job.
    2016-09-01 09.31.31.
    The road surface was treacherous. BEWARE.... Slippery when wet Chiang Rai clay soil over the old tarmac surface. I did a slow motion, 5mph out of control slide on the KLX, on one steep section.
    The View restaurant. It hasn't been there long. Hope they have deep pockets to take 3 years of few customers.....
    2016-09-01 09.34.25.
    2016-09-01 09.36.41.
    2016-09-01 09.38.15.
    Past Naka's Kiosken
    2016-09-01 09.41.40.
    Past the Chinese Martyrs Cemetery on the right. It was hard to find before. I couldn't see the sign now. The gates are always locked anyway.
    2016-09-01 10.16.46.
    The last bit down to CK. This won't be good for business in the town...
    2016-09-01 10.16.49.
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  3. brian_bkk

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    There were some nice muddy bits when I rode this a few weeks back..

    I guess will be dusty as hell when the dry comes
  4. DavidFL

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    Love this.
    Maybe a 4-lane all the way from Chiang Saen to Chiang Khong?
    Man times are moving so fast!
    Who would have ever thought that one day we'd be cruising down that road at speeds of 100KPH +, safely.
    At least not me.

    The CK - CS road was one of my epic all day adventures
    R1129 Chiang Saen - Chiang Khong.

    Pure snot all the way.

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  5. AndyCNX

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    Any updates on the 1129 (1290)? Was thinking about riding down there this weekend.
  6. ianyonok

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    I was there a week ago and it is a 1/3 completed. Not too bad to ride, I was on a KLX and holiday time, so no work going on and not too much dust. Flat sections are fine, mountain parts dusty but will be slippery if it rains.
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  7. DavidFL

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    Is the new 1/3 asphalt going on from the Chiang Saen side or the Chiang Khong side?
  8. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Mountain parts are dirt, flatter sections tarmac. Overall 1/3 completed, not in one section.
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  9. AndyCNX

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    Good info! Many thanks!
    I'll be riding two up on a Versys (with MT60s) so if it's dry I might risk it.
  10. DavidFL

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    Update from Dutch Mike

    May 2017
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