Rocket Festival Videos!!!

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  1. To Continue on with the Si Sa Ket Rocket Festival I thought I would Post a few Videos so you can see and Hear what it is actually like there!!! The Noise and Smoke is Pretty Impressive!!! Just a Word of Warning:
    Here they are:

    In this Video watch it till the End and You will actually see some Pieces of the Rocket Falling and Landing in the Pond towards the End!!!

    This Rocket is a Real Ripper!!! Lots of Noise, Smoke and some serious Altitude!!!

    The Final Launch of the Day just on Dark so gives You a different View! Another Ripper Rocket!!!

    Pretty Impressive Stuff Eh??? Hope You enjoyed it everyone. Have a Great Day!!!
  2. The one we went to this year my first. One hung up on the pad and just burned on it. People were headign as far away as they could get from that one. Didn't blow up but burnt through the PV the full length. They had seven pads sit up so a lot goign on. Definetly impresive.
  3. Hi Ian

    yes it was cool stuff and we had so much fun during the day,,

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