Rocstompa BMW GS Pro-Stomp Footpegs

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  1. Rocstompa Footpegs are made in Australia and are made out of high-grade aluminium. Twice as strong as the steel factory pegs. It offers a Wide, ergonomically curved design, ensures a firm and secure footing. Designed and manufactured in Australia.

    Pro-Stomp Foot Pegs are made from 7075 Aerospace grade billet aluminium offering superior durability and strength.

    Pro-Stomp Foot Pegs come with 27 tread studs, providing even and secure grip, anodising increases the pegs' surface hardness prolonging their lifespan as well as providing the ultimate protection against corrosion.

    They are Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was conducted to locate all the stress points and determine the strongest, most durable construction and shape.

    BMW (Black)
    GS650,800,1100,1150,1200 94-2009


    Here are some pictures of bikes which fitted the Rocstompa Pro-stomp footpegs, the width and strength of this footpegs is just strong.


    Payment via Paypal only, email me [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] for more details.

    USD$195 shipped worldwide for each pair of footpegs.
    THB$6,487 shipped worldwide for each pair of footpegs.
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  4. Available for BMW and KTM adventures.

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