Roi Et Bike Weekend 4-5th Apr 09

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  1. OK Roi Et is behind and it was so fantastic to see so many familiar faces and made few new friend's on the side as well :wink:

    First of all, let me say that it turned to be really nicely organiced and coordinated, A LOTS of bikes as you can see from few of my pix and clips.

    and NO entry fee :shock:
    only problem seems to be for few of us, i cant say that every one agree on my observation, but Music, Commentators and bacically anything what came out from the Speakers where LOUD, there is no change to communicate or talk with any one, unless you keep on shouting directly to they ears.

    ok,, pictures

    There was lot's of nicely modifyed bikes and surpricingly large police precent,, they where intrested of many bikes and had a good looks on them, but nothing more, was told by one of the organicer lads that there is no worries from the cops :wink:
    They even went and inspect my bike and one of the "chief" sat on it and as shor leg thai man, his shoe scrached my seat leaving nasty mark on it, so i went and gave him little bit back and lesson how to "treat thebikes and showed to him 'correct' way to sat on my bike if he want to still tryed,, i gave him few minutes speech and he apology very nicely,,,"that" was good pay back time for all what some of them doing for us on the roads,, :wink:
    More heavily modifyed bikes
    and talking about LOUD, this lad stick the mic in to pipes and you just can image the noice....

    Bob on his bike
    Bob it was nice to meet you again and had a good chat and 2 Chang towers....
    GIRLS GIRLS,, there is always girls
    Then it's time to start the "Tower" time
    Let me introduce to you From Udont Thani, LUCKYS hand
    he was passing by and saw me taking over view picture,, what all the good friends do is,, they try to get in to pic, so did lucky,, he had a good lauch when i show it to him,, nice to meet you again Lucky and rest of the Eagle Riders.
    Large ammount of bikes
    Some nice really old classic bikes as well
    Few Habus as well
    Then as always, i tour around with these very funny smaller bikers,, and HEY FRANZ....i found your bike,, but where wore you?
    Look the front basket 555555
    All covered by same fabric,,,
    Even with out Head light,, no problemos.
    Bikes,bikes and more bikes,, i would say around 300
    And large amount of party people

    And then 2 Clips
    All the bikes

    Addition for this bike week was large ammount of modifyed cars and Sound systems,, well and very loudly displyed,, and look the one particular picture,, im sure they sell guite good...
    Video from they display

    Over all rated very good and hope to see them continue next year
  2. Nice one Marco.

    Some lovely bikes there and yet another option for Buddy Franz!!!
  3. Thanks Marco - it looked good, I will have to consider this show next year.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. KY (I have same name Gel for sale :lol:)

    Yes it was fun and there was tons and tons of people wondering around,, they made a good efford to get it up and running and as far i could see all booths where filled, or there might be few empty one's.

    They had only few accecories, t-shirt's,Buddhas and some tyres and HD stuff for sale, not much but some.

    Lets see what next year will bring...
  5. Thanks for sharing those pics Marco.

    Good to see bib calculating the tea money on that red one!

    For anyone interested, if like me you like to see the whole image on screen, when someone posts a large image on the forum, the following might be of help.

    Using 2 fingers of the key board at once :wink:

    Ctrl button held down and then press the minus button a few times, downsizes the the browser.

    Ctrl and the plus button increases the size

    Ctrl and the zero button takes you back to your original size.

  6. Great report Marco!
    Hope to catch up with you for a ride one of these days.
    Happy Trails!

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