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  1. I need to get a roman 'sticker' made to travel from Thailand into Malaysia.

    Although the shops here in Hat Yai seem fine to make those horrid black stickers for cars, I was thinking about getting some information about the minimum character size for bikes.

    When I see some bikes come through Hat Yai, i can see some have tiny letters, probably illegal, but also well worth a go. I don't want a huge sticker thats suitable for a car across the front of my bike.

    Also any info about the legal size of characters would be good, i looked elsewhere and couldn't find.
  2. Err .. Yeah, thats exactly what i didn't want to do.

    If you look at these pictures, you will see the size of the characters are far smaller than the size of the shops sell.


    Living in Hat Yai, I get to check a lot of Malay bikes and some have some cheeky plates with smaller characters than the ones on the front fender. I would just like some measurements, both legal size and illegal 'cheeky' minimum before the police get interested.

    I live 40 minutes from the border so rather than cutting some ugly sticker in half and slapping it on, I would prefer to put something tidy and permanent on the bike.
  3. Why don't you make one yourself? It's just numbers and letters, no special stamps.

    Lots of stickers shops around. Keep the original with you in case they don't like your creation.
  4. Thats exactly what i am going to do, when someone kind Malaysian person with hands on knowledge of roughly the ideal height of the characters so as to attract unwanted attention from the police.

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