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  1. Both the misses and I wear Roof crash helmets which I brought over from the UK with me 6 years ago. Problem we have is the thin layer of foam rubber which lines the helmets has disintegrated making the bare polystyrene ( ? ) rather uncomfortable. Has anyone heard of anywhere where we can have this replaced or does it mean new helmets ? Personally, and speaking on behalf of myself I find the Roof helmet to be the most comfortable I have worn in 42 years of motorcycling. Can Roof helmets be purchased new in Thailand ? Any information will be gratefully received.
  2. STAR ANTINOC in BKK they have people who do excellent re lining of helmets Azoulay and i have used them many times [probable cost about 500bt

    i had an early ROOF Boxer fpr 10 years it was excellent very quiet and comfy and flexible only dumped it when i could no longer obtain visors ,
    was going to get new ROOF boxer V8 but its way too expensive now
  3. many thanks for that information Monsterman. I'm going to get the misses to call them later this afternoon and will post what happens on the forum for future reference.
  4. you can try on Roof Helmets Europe store, they have in stock some Roof Boxer replacement parts as screw kits or inner lining. :cool:
  5. Thanks for the info Vincenzo. Our helmets are a bit old but I have written to the company asking if they have replacement liners ( not boats ) . Failing that, it'll be a trip to bangkok I think.
  6. Yes a mate of mine has a Roof helmet he bought in the UK and loved it as well.
    I live in Chiangmai I was wondering if any one relines helmets here.
    I have an Arai but the top lining is very worn and the helmet is to big now and drops down on my forehead and is irritating.
    My helmet looks new still even though 4 years old and I have worn it so much so it would be great if I could get it relined somewhere here in Chiangmai.
  7. After a lead from Vincenzo, I contacted Roof helmets but they only have replacement linings for the newer helmets. Not only that, they wanted a horrendous amount for p & p considering the lining is just foam and cloth. So far, Monsterman has come up with the best solution for us both and that's to have Star helmets in Bangkok reline them. A mate of mine had a coming together with a tractor some months ago and is now back in the UK having his leg sorted out. I believe he was wearing a roof helmet so I'll ask him if he bought it here in Thailand.
  8. Is there not a out of date standard for helmets, 5years rings a bell regardless of how it is stored!
  9. I may well be wrong ( in other words I don't really know ) but I thought the ' shelf life ' of a helmet you mention being 5 years relates to polycarbonate helmets, not fibreglass. Same goes if you drop them. A polycarbonate shouldn't be worn again but fibreglass ' should ' be OK. The Roof helmets we have cost me about 170.00 for the Roadster open face, and over 200.00 for the Boxer -- pounds that is. I know they're life-savers but that works out quite costly and what happens to all those old helmets ? I could also argue with myself as to what price do I put on saving my or the misses head ? My wife actually got a ' THUMBS UP ' from a policeman in a traffic control in Prakhon Chai last week when he spotted her wearing her Roof Boxer.
  10. Well, at last I got ' a round tuit ' following Monsterman's suggestion for re-lining our Roof helmets. I posted our helmets by EMS to Star Antinoc last friday, the 28th of September. The lady at S A told me not to send any money yet because of the rate of helmets ' lost-in-the-post ' which did not exactly inspire me so I added EMS insurance to cover the 20,000 baht value of the helmets. This actually added an extra 200 baht each way onto the postage price. We tracked the parcel and low and behold, the helmets were delivered in Bangkok the next day, saturday the 29th. I was then instructed to send payment on the monday together with a faxed copy of the bank payment which I duly did on the monday morning. A quick telephone call confirmed receipt of payment so all was going smoothly. What really surprised me -- actually, amazed me was that the lady ( Onanong Singh ) said she was just about to go to the Post Office to send back the helmets, the re-lining having already been done. That was at 09:30am on the monday morning. And today, the 3rd of October, the helmets are now back in our house. What a service !!! If the rest of Thailand was as quick and as efficient as Star Antinoc then Thailand would shed it's third world title ( but of course, it's not ). The price for re-lining has gone up a bit, it's now around 600 baht per helmet. Do I have any grumbles ? Well, a small one in that the re-lining isn't exactly the same as when the helmets left the factory but that's all.

    If you need your favourite comfortable helmet re-lining, here are the details you will need. Don't try and Google Star helmets etc., it'll return a zero. You need to search for the company ( not it's brand ).

    Thai Antinoc Trading Co. Ltd.,
    385-391 Luang Road,

    Telephone: 0221 4358 or 0222 4727
    Fax: 0221 7566

    Finally, thanks to Monsterman for the original information and suggestion. I am a very happy chappy and would recommend this company's services.

    Errr, and finally, you'll need someone who speaks Thai to do the phone calls if like me, you are not fluent in Thai.
  11. I am glad things worked out

    I would still be using my old Boxer if roof could supply a visor but they dont keep stock for anything over 6 years old,
    the new Boxer V8 is over £300 now which is ridiculous price
  12. Hi Friends,

    happy everything go well for you, Thai Antinoc is a very reliable company and an old established shop.

    Do not hesitate to visit it you'll found a large range of helmets at Thai prices (and please don't link it automatically to poor quality).

    You'll found wonderfull X Cross helmets for some 2000 TBH when lucky...

    On an other hand, I wonder if some Vietnam established friends couldn't find a way to buy ROOF helmets at a reasonable prices.

    ROOF who is a French helmet company initially produced its helmets in France up to the day the French factory burned and they had the idea to redeploy in VietNam. Now all ROOF hemets are made in VietNam with nearly the same quality. They even launch one (on the French Market !) in bamboo but it had a poor success and I think it's stoped.

    The lead model is the famous Boxer one very much appreciated from the French teenagers like the MOMO brand...

    I have here in Thailand 3 Boxer ones (red, black and yellow) and two of them are equiped with an handfree phone kit, all of them have been renew by Thai Antinoc

    Hope we'll have some return from our VN friends on ROOF possible supplies.
  13. I also had my ARAI RAM II re-lining and putting sealant (sealing visor with edge of helmet) ) back in place at Antinoc almost decade ago and am content with the work.

    I went to see the helmet that I have put away for so long when I read this thread. The lining and the sealant are still in tact after decade. Naturally I do not use the RAMII anymore.

    Antinoc is good address to start with if trouble with lining or sealant occure.
  14. Did they also renew the D rings or was it just the lining? I have a Simpson Bandit that is not very old but the double D rings are a lump of rust.
  15. Bump for Brian Bkk looking for helmet refurbishment in Bangkok.

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