Round trip, need advice

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  1. Hi, friends.
    I need advice about route Bangkok-Canchanaburi-Chiang Rai- Ko Chang-Bangkok.
    Where to stay? What to see?
    Trip for 2 weeks at road bike.
  2. 2David
    Oh, at 2008 i was several times in Thai and come back two weeks ago.
    we ride not far from Pattaya: Khao Yai, Ko Chang, Canchanaburi.
    Now i want to make trip around and to see Northen Thai. We will start from BKK without hotel in it.
    ok, i'll read with pleasure. my longest trip in two weeks i made with my wife at summer2008. From Moscow to Osh (Kirgizia) and back. 10000 km
    Btw: Last time, i was in Thai, the road Police stopped us several times because we ride not at left side of road :shock: asked money :lol:
    but we find a method: no one word in English, only in Russian
    This method help us to enter Motorways where motorcycles prohibited.
  3. Dobra Sergey

    you did 10.000KM in 2weeks? that is 714.28Km every day,, tha is not fun trip? and i know what kind of roads you guys have in mother russia,,sometimes not so good.

    any how welcome to riding in warm Thailand and im sure you will enjoy it,, there is a lot of to see,especiallwhen you heading out from towns and "country"side,, take a tour to Northen part,,you will enjoy it a lot...

    and research this forum in all areas, there is tons of pictures and written reports from roads,hotelr,rooms,food and almos anything you need to know.

  4. Thank you, Marco. i see a lot of useful information at this site! just now i'm trying to learn Captain Slash reports.

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