Route 10 Phonsavan - Muang Khoune - Thathom - Pakxan

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  1. Hello .

    Has anyone driven the Route 10 Phonsavan - Muang Khoune - Thathom - Pakxan now ??

    We are a group coming from Vietnam to Phonsavan 3 mars.

    If anybody can help with an update on that route, if its paved the hole road :)

    Thanks for all the help


    Helge from Norway
  2. Hi there Heineken.

    The road from Phonsavan to Pakxan is Paved all the way, and in good condition, except for a couple of small road works.

    Where are you going after Paxsan?

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  3. I rode from Vientiane-Pakxan-Thathom-Muang Khoune-Phonsavan about 2 weeks ago,lots of road works between Pakxan and Thasi,didn't like that road much,even though the scenery wasn't too bad.Lots of dirt sections,lots of logging trucks.
    But don't let that put you off was an adventure!
    After Thatom the road improved,with the odd crater here and there.

  4. I just drove from Phonsavan to Paxsan 2 days ago. The road was mostly good, except for a 20 km or so stretch right after you take a right in Khonsana. It was pretty rough and washed out but my Cbr250 handled it ok.
  5. Hi, can anybody update on the road from Paksan to Phonsavan?
    Is it paved the whole way?
    Or is there lots of roadworks?
  6. The road works are basically still the same I understand.
    20+ kms were they are cutting through the mountains.
    In the wet some vehicles were stuck in there for a couple of days.
    So you may want to check carefully in Pakxan /Phonsavan before taking off.
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