Route 105 Mae Sariang-Mae Sot: any problems?

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  1. I wonder whether there are any problems now driving on this road along the burmese boarder due to the political development?
    Has anyone done this trip recently? I would also be grateful for remarks on the quality of this road and about suggestions for accommodation along this trip.
  2. No pol issues to worry about.
    The only influx into Mae Sot recently was journos - they've since departed.
    Best local info & graze is at Canadian Dave's "Krua Canadian" restaurant - also best steak & coffee in town @ incredibly reasonable prices - on Sriphanit Road which runs off Intharakit Road [opposite main police station marble sign].

    Read MBT's recent great trip report here: ... _Guzzi.htm
    Warning you may or may not be fortunate enough to see ALL the animals listed!
    I understand that a bridge was out for a few days, but should have been fixed by now.

    If you have time try and head down to Umphang as well.
  3. If you have time try and head down to Umphang as well.

    Thank you Rhodie for the quick reply. That is actually my intention to go to Umphang and then back via Tak, Sukothai to Chiang Mai.
  4. No probs. You'll have blast.
    You'll need to overnight at least one night in Umphang
    if you want to see one of the many waterfalls.
    Tho it's only about 150kms from Mai Sot it can take 3-4 hours,
    as the road is narrow and there can be quite a lot of tourist traffic.
    Also you will want stop & enjoy the spectacular views & scenery.
    PS do post a trip report with pix
    - not enough is known about this beautiful area.

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