Route 109 Savannakhet - Dene Savanh complete?

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    (KPL) The National Road No 9 stretch from Savannakhet to Laobao’s Vietnamese border checkpoint is one of a great result from Japanese Government grant aid to Laos.
    This road is 250 km long in totally, of which covered almost a half of road are approximately 130-km long stretches from Seno to Phine district thanks to grant aid of Japanese Government was worth US$60.
    The road No 9 was opened for public use in 2004. This was an important successful thanks to the assistance and cooperation of the government and people of Japan.
    For the second phase constructed from Phine district to Laobao checkpoint was a loan from the Asia Development Bank.
    Mr Souk Sivongsay, Head of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction Division of Savannakhet province said the road, the crucial strategic route for goods transport, trade and communication between Laos, Vietnam and Thailand is a symbol of friendship and co-operation between Laos and Japan.
    Mr Souk added that now province pays attention on road maintenance as an important key. There are 1,200 transport truck from Thailand passing through this road per month with volume transportation counting for 18,000 tons.
    Mr Vilayvanh Phomkhe, Governor of Savannakhet province, said that this road is a significant route connecting the region, as in previous years, transportation in the area has been difficult, and reaching the border has taken a long time.
    Once the road is finished, the travel time to the border area will be cut to between two and three hours, and more goods will be transported to the area, according to Mr Lot Souksivisay, Head of department of Communications, Transportation, Post and Construction.
    Statistics compiled from the region have shown that the number of cars and goods transported between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos has considerably increased, and about 5,000 tourists pass through the area each month.

    Comment: My take on this is that they mean they've finished the road works / resurfacing on R109 from approx Xephon to Dene Savanh?

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  2. Xephon to at least Dong is fine and smooth now....
    Two of the three GHs in Xephon were full of US military looking for bones...
    Took me four days to get from Xephon to not to try that in rainy season...
  3. Sounds like an exciting trip - any chance of a full report when you get time?

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