Route 13 to Luang Prabang.... The movie

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  1. A video of one of Asia's most beautiful journeys.... A land liberated by Tiger Beer.

  2. Dan

    Fantastic clip really enjoyed it.

    I only have 1 request,, next time can you get cam bit higher as no we can see handlebars only,, im sure if you get cam higher,,we all get spectacular footage.

    nice job, thanx for sharing
  3. Hi Marco

    No the footage is not good from the bike where ever you put the device. Hedges and long grass mainly. That's why I did it with stills. Gaps in the foliage etc.

    It is an AMAZING drive. Different every time you do it what with the seasons and the weather.


  4. You're right about getting car sick if your in a car, did the journey earlier on this month in my Teelaks Honda Jazz and she spent half the time being sick into plastic bags on the drive up. It was without doubt the worst road conditions I've ever experienced, pissing it down cats n dogs and visibility down to about 10 yards due to fog. Lost the rear end on 1 bend and after nearly going sideways into the big drainage ditch ended up coming to a halt transversely. Coming back down the weather was better and it's a beautiful drive, will have to go back and do it by bike. One slightly worrying thing was 2 guys I came across, they'd placed a bottle in the middle of the road and were signalling me to stop, I noticed they both had AK47's so I stuck my foot down and swerved round the bottle :shock:
  5. Definitely do it on the bike. Its a beauty. AKs withstanding.

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