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  1. Hi All,

    My buddies and I are planning our dream ride this coming December to the GT from Kuala Lumpur. Our route tentatively is as follows :-

    Day 1 : Kuala Lumpur ~ Hua Hin
    Day 2 : Hua Hin t ~ Chiang Mai
    Day 3 : Free and Easy in Chiang Mai
    Day 4 : Chiang Mai ~ Doi Ithanon ~ Mae Hong Son
    Day 5 : Mae Hong Son ~ Pai ~ Chiang Dao
    Day 6 : Chiang Dao ~ Doi Mae Salong ~ Mae Sai
    Day 7 : Mae Sai ~ GT ~ Lampang
    Day 8 : Lampang ~ Hua Hin
    Day 9 : Hua Hin ~ Hat Yai
    Day 10 : Hat Yai ~ Kuala Lumpur

    I would like to receive some comments or feedback from the veteran riders here on our proposed route. Our objective is to take in the sights and roads (of course) of Northern Thailand and the GT as this will be our maiden ride to this region. Our program is fexible and if there are other routes that we should do other than what we have planned, I would appreciate the recommendations. Your feedback will be invaluable to our planning. Cheers!
  2. Hells bells! Hope you are bringing your GTR1400 rather than the HD and your mates are on similarly powered bikes. Days 3 - 7 seem pretty realistic but getting to and leaving the north are big days - mind you, I suppose you will be on boring highway so that doesn't really matter.

    The only thing I would throw in is on Day 7, leave GT towards Chiang Khong, ride the 1155 via Phu Chi Fa and overnight in Phayao. Great roads and stunning scenery.


  3. Everything seems ok up to the North.
    What you have set out
    • Day 4 : Chiang Mai ~ Doi Ithanon ~ Mae Hong Son
    • Day 5 : Mae Hong Son ~ Pai ~ Chiang Dao
    • Day 6 : Chiang Dao ~ Doi Mae Salong ~ Mae Sai
    will be "long 'rides" with not a lot of time for photos.

    But it is up to you how you want to go / ride. Max cornering speeds on the MHS Loop & on many mountain roads in the North will be 60-80KPH "racing" = it takes time. And if you’re on a big heavy bike it could wear you out. But everyone is different.

    It could also be quite cold & fogged in until 9.30AM in some places. Dark & foggy by 6PM.

    • Day 7 : Mae Sai ~ GT ~ Lampang
    Jeff's suggestion to take in Phu Chi Fah is a good one, overnighting in Phayao.
    Phayao - Lampang is only 145kms & 1 ½ hrs ride on a very fast 4-lane dual carriageway.
    Alternatively you could ride over to Nan from Mae Sai. R1020 – 1155 – 1148 which for many is the best motorcycle road in the North.

    Whatever it will be good & you will want to come back.
  4. Hi rob7711,

    It will be a long.. long... ride for day 1,2 & 8.

    "Whatever it will be good & you will want to come back." >> Agreed with Davidfl on this.
  5. Thanks Pikey, David and Nolanyusof for your invaluable insights and comments. I will definitely look into your suggestions on taking in Phu Chi Fa. Some of us has ironbutted it all the way to Kanchanaburi from Kuala Lumpur before and I guess we are up to it. Your info on fog/mist visibility and daylight hours in the north is useful too and I am now more aware of the conditions we will be in for.

    By the way I will be riding my GTR and not the lumbering HD on this one ... Cheers!
  6. Rob,
    pls spend extra day make it 12 or 14 days, this better cos u ride slowly and carefully.remember in highway somebody will cross the road without notice
    like cub/small bike take more carefull especially ur first to days two ride ..for me is too long km :happy2: :happy3:
    have nice riding n safety ride brothers.
  7. I rode from Singapore to Hat Yai in one day on my Vstrom and it took me about 10 hours on the North South highway only stopping for fuel. That's about 1000km, close to same from KL to Huan Hin. The roads might not be as friendly all the time...
  8. Hi Bro Burnjr ... our time is kinda limited so I guess we just have to make the best of it. Yes we are aware of riding hazards in Southern Thailand as we have done several trips before though only as far as Kanchanaburi. I guess it will be no different in Northern Thailand but thanks for the heads up anyways.

    Thanks for your feedback Bro Rusty ... we have ironbutted it up to Kanchanaburi before so I guess its not really a problem.
  9. Hi All ... Happy New Year 2011! Just want to report that my buddies and I completed the ride recently and we had loads of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly. I wanna thank all who have chipped in with their tips and comments which I appreciate very much. Thanks again!!! Cheers!


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