Route from Ban Pong to Aranyaprathet

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  1. lipmeng

    lipmeng Ol'Timer

    Dear all

    I'm planning to ride from Ban Pong to Phnom Phen, Cambodia on 24th next month and is seeking for advise and recommendation on the route which will by pass BKK.

    The intended route will be :-

    Ban Pong to Kamphaeng Saen via 321 then to Bang Len via 346

    Bang Len to Lat Lum Kaeo Via 346 and proceed to Wang Noi via 9.

    From Wang Noi to Nong Khae via 1 and thereafter head east via 33 towards Aranyaprathet.

    The estimated distance is approx 350km on the map.

    I will be grateful if any of the guys here can give some suggestions or advice regarding the above route as my objective is to avoid BKK.



    Lip Meng
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  3. Dougal

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    Hi Lipmeng,

    I,ve no idea where Ban Pong is. North of Kamphaeng Saen?

    Anyway your route looks good; when you get to Lat Lum Khaeo it looks like you could go straight on and head for Nakhon Nayok on the 305.
    Appreciate you're going through the North of Bangkok but......

    We've ridden from Chonburi to Kanchanaburi around the North of Bangkok and we headed from Kan towards Suphan Buri and took the 329 East that hits the 1 right opposite the 33.
  4. lipmeng

    lipmeng Ol'Timer

    Hi Dougal

    Thanks for your input. Just for your info, Ban Pong is just 2 train stations (ie. before Nakhon Pathom) before BKK from Southern Line.

    The reason that I mentioned that the ride begins from Ban Pong is that I may train up from Hatyai if I'm riding with another 1 or 2 friends along from M'sia. Otherwise, I ride up from M'sia if I'm travelling solo as getting a place for bike in the cargo train at Hatyai is quite difficult and there is no advance booking available for bike.

    I noticed that the route along the southern part of BKK (from the map) towards Aranyaprathet is shorter as compared to the northern loop mentioned earlier. However the challenge of the southern BKK route is getting into BKK traffic and bikes are barred from using some expressway.

    Nevertheless, I will see how it goes when I reach to Ban Pong or Nakhon Pathom.


    Lip Meng
  5. Marco

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    Lip Meng

    Are you using GPS? if so then it's easy to pass Bkk when you set your GPS avoidance on with Tollways,

    IF you dont have,, bit more adventurous, i can say by my behave, i could not pass bkk with bike with out GPS unless i hire taxi to take me out,,,,LOL
  6. lipmeng

    lipmeng Ol'Timer

    Hi Marco

    I don't have a GPS yet and all my trips to Thailand thus far is rely on map. However after the fist trip north I do remember the roads as the HWY numbers & signages are quite easy.

    My trip this time will be the GT rider map of Laos & Cambodia.

    Looking forward to next month for the 1st leg of the trip.


    Lip Meng
  7. danwhite

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    Is that the town where you have the turn off to Kanburi and the wonderful sign saying "City of Nice People".... I always stop off there for a beer.... and indeed the people I have met have been very nice indeed.

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