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  1. Can any of the GT Riders recommend the best biking route from Nong Khai where I am now, to Phayao and then on to Chiang Mai? Speed not important but I ride alone so do not want long runs of desolate road in the event of accident or breakdown. Thanks in advance!
  2. Not sure how quickly you want to get there. If you have time there are some fantastic roads worth exploring between Nong Khai and Phayao.

    Probably you are already on the road, but my recommendation, for what it's worth, is to ride the 211 which follows the Mekong all the way to Chiang Khan. It's rough in spots, really rough in others, but the scenery is spectacular and not much traffic.

    Once you reach Chiang Khan you can head south to Loei, then west to Dan Sai on the fantastic 203. From there you have a few options to get to Phayao.

    The 1268 up to Ban Khok is a thing of beauty and will put you just south of Nan which is motorcycle nirvana. From Nan there are a few ways to head west to Phayao and they are all good! My personal favorite has to be the infamous 1148 but the 1091 is a good whack too!

    Hope this is helpful! Have a great ride! :mrgreen:
  3. Thanks for the detailed recommendations which I will follow Tony. I have time so my only hurdle is ending each day's ride with a suitable accomodation available. I guess added to an accident in That Phanom when hit me so I am nursing very badly bruised ribs!
  4. Hello Paulhen,
    From Chiang Khan to Nan,another possible route:the 2195 along the river Heung,boundery with Laos. After Na Heo
    towards Ban Khok,you can turn left on 1239 and stay overnight in Nampat.
    Next day,1339 to the Pak Nai ferry (nice restaurants on rafts) and all the way North to Nan.
    Whatever your option,you'll be enjoying your ride.
    Cheers, Lung.
  5. Just checking on how you're going - is everything ok now from your crash?
    How's the bike & your body now?

    I'd recommend R211 Nong Khai - Chiang Khan, then down 201 to Loei.
    From Loei - 203 & 2013 to Dan Sai
    From Dan Sai take the border roads 2113 to Na Haew, then 1268 passed Rom Klao, then continue North & turn lefty onto R1239 to Nam Pat. R1239 will get you going for unlimited twisting tight turns.
    From Nam Pat take R1339 north to the Sirikit Dam & Ferry service up to Pak Nai, then 1026 north to Na Muan, Na Noi & Sa.
    From Sa you link up with R101 & its into Nan, or Phrae. PLease yourself.

    There's a good write of most of this route

    plus a bit here

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