Route Suggestions To By-Pass BKK Metropolitan?

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  1. Hi All ... I am in need of route suggestions to by-pass Bangkok's metropolitan areas. I am planning a ride from Kuala Lumpur to Cambodia end of this year. I will be coming towards Bangkok on 35 from the south and I need suggestions from 35 onwards to Aranyaphratet. Thanks!
  2. I`d be heading north on the 9 motorway to the west of Bangkok then linking up with the 1 then the 33 north of Bangkok.
    It`s not the shortest route but if done out of peak hour would be the easiest.
  3. Cruising ... I see what you are suggesting and will explore that route. However my gps is suggesting that I go south of BKK using 35 then to 37 crossing the chao phraya with my routing set to avoid toll highway. Any opinion on this?

    2wheels ... Thanks for your confirmation on R9.
  4. Really the toss of a coin rob,your GPS is suggesting the shortest route but it all comes down to traffic conditions on the day.

    good luck.
  5. Yes what you say is absolutely true. On our return leg from GT ride last year part of our group inevitably overlooked this problem and ended up straying into BKK and getting "tickets" besides being stuck in heavy traffic. Thanks for the headsup Cruising. Cheers!
  6. Your GPS is misleading you. If you were driving a car..sure, but motorcycles in Thailand don't have the same privledge to use those bridges or highways. If you want to cross that river on a motorbike close to Bangkok, you are going to have to get into the city.

    Unless someone knows better, I believe your only option near the city is to cross the Taksin Bridge near Sathorn.
  7. Yes I have heard about motorcycles being banned on certain roads, flyovers and bridges though info on which of these are vague to me. I have also been informed that there is a ferry crossing at Phra Padeang that I could use if I should choose the south of BKK route. Anyone tried this route?
  8. Sounds like a good idea. However, I don't think how you slice it, unless you make a huge diversion to the north, you are going to spend a good amount of time in BKK traffic.

    What about timing your entrance into BKK to be between Midnite and 0600? Traffic is a lot more managable at those hours. If I was a person not intimately familar with BKK, that is what I would plan for. Using a GPS to get around in BKK is not always a win situation.

    You could always see if someone here would link up with you and guide you through the best route.
  9. An excellent suggestion Pgt066. We will most probably be breaking our journey at Hua Hin from Kuala Lumpur. We could plan our by-pass of BKK if we set off again real early. Thanks bro!
  10. I used the bike ferry last month taking my new bike from Bangkok to Hua Hin. It's a good way to miss the center of Bangkok.

    Are you in the UAE now? I'm in Dubai.
  11. Hi bro ... I am based in Abu Dhabi mobile +971504431809. Give me ring and we can swap tales!
  12. How does that ferry work? With that I mean, does it run on a certain timetable, or you just show up and go. Cost and how long does it take to get across?
  13. I was informed that its schedule is every 15 minutes and its just a short ride to the other side and costs 10baht for bikes
  14. Thanks. Good to learn some new options.
  15. Look for road 3113 on google maps where it intersects the river. We waited about 10 minutes and the cost was 10 baht per bike. Very easy.
  16. Near the ferry is a huge bridge (Saphan Wong Wan or Bhumipol Bridge) from Suksawat to Pu Chao Saming. Saming takes you up to Samrong and then left to Bang-Na. Legally bikes aren't allowed but I cross it often and have encountered a police road block only once. They are very aggresive though and appeared most upset when I didn't stop. Saves a decent amount of time over the ferry.
  17. Guess this will NOT be part of my route though but thanks for your input anyways. Cheers!
  18. See my first post. And don't forget Bangkok Bridge to the east of Taksin bridge. Goes from Ratburana to Rama 3. Still recommend Bhumipol bridge. And there's a nice little open-air cafe on the entrance ramp from Suksawat.

    OK, your loss! Just trying to save you from a huge detour around northern Bangkok.
  19. Bros, your earlier suggestion of R9 (Kanchanaphisek Road) will be my intended route on my return leg and then continuing south from there. Just a little clarification concerning R9, are bikes allowed on the entire length of this road? Detail review shows that there are certain stretches that has a frontage road beside R9 but it does not seem to be continuous. Does this mean that where available (frontage road I mean) I should be riding on it? Appreciate your input here. Cheers!

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