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    Hi guys - left it a bit late (Buriram next weekend for WSB) but can anyone advise on best way to get through Bangkok coming from the South (up R4) and wanting to get to route 24? i've always avoided Bkk on bike trips (usually north via Kanchanaburi) but need to go direct this time.

    i know bikes aren't allowed on the Bkk expressways - does this include R35? how far along from R4 is R35 bike accessible? or have to use frontage road? then R9 - bikes not allowed around the southern/eastern loop sections?

    in which case whats the alternative to avoid the Bkk sh*tfight and without having to go on a big loop to the north? or try and find the ferry at the end of R3113 and still be stuck on small roads in the south of Bkk?

    if input "avoid tolls" to google maps does this avoid non-bike expressways? in which case its R4 > R35 to R9 junction > R9 western & northern loop around Bkk to R1 > R2 > R24 which i know from previous isn't much fun.


    mr mike

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