Royal Enfield- A Very Long Journey

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  1. Woraphat gets visitors from all over the world. Yesterday, a visitor from Spain stopped in. First time we had met him. Very pleasant fellow. He is traveling from Barcelona to ??. He has been on the road since May 01, 2015 and has traveled over 40,000 km so far. I don't know how much longer or further he will travel but he seemed to be nowhere near the end of his trip when we talked yesterday.

    You can read his thoughts and observances on his web page. On that page, there are several links, including a link to his blog- Walter Astrada - The Journey

    IMG_5067_zpsk6nitquw. [/img]




  2. Interesting looking bike. He's carrying a fair bit of luggage, good idea carrying those the spare shockers mounted on the bash bar.

  3. Bloody hell, I wonder what the all up weight is.
  4. Great bike to do the trip on. Not too much power but tough as old boots and fast enough for most of the countries he's visited. I would guess a big part of the load is camping gear and cooking kit etc.

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