Royal Enfield Continental GT

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  1. My memory was faint but that looks a lot like the late 60's 250 GT.


    I wonder if there would be a huge market in Asia for a 250 version?

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  2. Something very similar in appearance to this was a "special" offered by the then UK importer, Wilf Green (?), maybe 5 or 6 years ago but using the older frame & 500 engine with performance mods.

    This is just the sort of bike that'd get me interested - assuming nobody will ever come up with a modernised Ducati single as in my avatar - since I've always been a big fan of single-cylinder bikes and I think I'd be a customer but the Thai import duties & taxes would make it a financially impractical. Would suit my needs far more than any large bike currently available here.
  3. I like this classic style engine more than the new unit job, but time moves on.
    Here is my RE, and just fitted a new 535 top end and intake to boost the power to an actual 32 from an alleged 22 (more like 18)
    Off to Daeng this week for a new SS megaphone exhaust sort of like this new one

    Given the price of the Enfield in Thailand I do not think that they have a hope in selling these against modern, quality, cheaper, more powerful, Japanese bikes.


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  4. That is one Cool looking Bike though! It would be very tempting at the Right Price but if it is anything like other Enfields it would be a Sad disappointment with Power? But the New Unit Engine may be a Step up? The Looks are fantastic and Top Quality Components!

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