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    Named after the majestic Himalayan mountains of northern India, the Royal Enfield Himalayan features;
    • A relaxed seating postion for long rides on bad roads
    • Long suspension travel with dual-purpose tyres
    • High ground clearance, a large 21″ front wheel
    • 14 litre fuel tank
    • Powered by a new 410 cc fuel-injected single cylinder engine
    Instrument panel is a mix on analog and digital gauges:
    • Large speedometer with readouts in mph and kmph
    • Digital selector gear indicator, two trip meters
    • An odometer, clock and a digital compass
    The Royal Enfield Himalayan is designated as an entry-level adventure tourer and is the newest motorcycle design from the oldest Indian motorcycle maker. Built on a new chassis from Harris Performance, which is aimed at making the bike adaptable to traffic and traveling conditions across Asia.

    In 2016, the Royal Enfield Himalayan was recalled over issues with faulty rocker shaft and clutch assembly. The company called it a ‘proactive free service update’ and stated that the issues were not of critical nature but needed to be inspected and parts replaced. The company also addressed issues of the side stand touching the body.

    Since 31st March 2017, the Himalayan has not been on sale across India as the company worked at fixing the glitches. A revised Himalayan is expected to launch later in 2017 with Electronic Fuel Injection and a fully emissions-compliant engine. That will possibly allow its sale in Thailand, but no word yet on when that will be, or what the retail price will be.

    For those that watch Ride & Seek on the History Channel, Jamie has been riding a pair of Himalayan bikes through the northern Philippines of late. One black, one white... No explanation of why there are two bikes, unless its to showcase colour options?

    It's an interesting bike that could provide better rough road and trail handling than the current "adventure tourer" competition in Thailand, and at a good price point. If you liked the old 500cc thumper trail bikes such as the Yamaha TT500 and the Honda XR500, a Himalayan might just appeal to you...

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    first bike I ever saw with 2 front fenders
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    It does look a little odd, but its not the first of its kind - there are BMW bikes out there with that "feature" too...

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    They had one at the Motorshow end of March. Great Looking Bike actually! Not much HP and I am yet to see one on the Road or in the Shop here. There is a New Model coming to with the New Twin Cylinder 750 Engine which would be interesting?
    Unfortunately the Test Reports I have read so far on the Himalayan haven't been very Flattering and Poor Quality Materials and finish have been the Main Complaints! But things may improve?
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    But wait, here's more!

    Eicher Motors, the parent of Royal Enfield which is known for its cult motorcycle 'Bullet', has made a binding offer to acquire Italian superbike manufacturer Ducati for $1.8 billion - $2 billion.

    According to a TOI report, Siddhartha Lal led Eicher Motors is believed to be the only Asians left in the fray in the ongoing auction for the Ducati disposal, is currently finalising financing and structuring terms with a clutch of global banks and consulting companies ahead of the deadline, that was scheduled for this month end.

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