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Discussion in 'Royal Enfield Motorcycles in Thailand' started by Azoulay, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Hi Friends,

    First of all, a big thanks to David who kindly opened this new post from Xam Neua in Laos, upon my demand.

    I remark since few month that this brand -ROYAL ENFIELD- is growing quite well, everywhere !

    A question of trend or a regain for it's look, who knows but this is a fact; ROYAL ENFIELD is back again.

    Living in Thailand nowadays, I had the opportunity to test drive one model -The 500 cc Classic Desert Storm- at their Thai Thonglor was so impressive that I decided to order one with side car.

    ROYAL ENFIELD welcome back on stage.
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  3. I've seen Royal Enflieds around Chiang Mai in the last couple of weeks -- a couple on Bamrungrat and one parked at the Eco.

    Are the being sold or rented here?

    ALSO -- how much was it with the sidecar rig? Is it legally registered? I've been digging around and while I love the Ural idea, they are very expensive. I also found at the time a year or so ago, they were the only ones to have the sidecar legally able to transport passengers (yes all the locals do it but that, of course, doesn't mean it is legal).

  4. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer

    Hi Mark, Hi Friends,

    In order to reply you, YES, now Royal Enfield bikes are distributed and sold in Thailand, they have several sales and show room around Thailand.

    It seems they have a good success and I had the opportunity to visit their main showroom in Thonglor Bangkok, where all model are displayed, it's a very nice assortment.

    Bikes come with green book and are legally registered.

    For the side car, the registration is under prices with the Land and Transportation Department, the manager I met does not desperate to get it done within few weeks. Now I can not answer precisely to your question about passenger transportation ???

    I ordered a 500 Classic with sidecar for some 265.000 THB with some additional options (exhaust pipe, pillion, etc) , I not imagine not to transport someone in the monkey kart, however I live in a provincial area where cops are nice and comprehensive, so I don't think it could be a big deal.

    I am quite impatient to get the bike and side car which are due for February.

    All the best, do not hesitate to come back to me if needed but please visit their website. I have plenty of pictures about Royal Enfield to upload but I have first to learn how it work as I remember that some years ago it wasn't so easy for a computer novice...
  5. Brilliant. Give me a shout if you ever get your and your rig up here to Chiang Mai! Would love to see it.

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