RTW Bikers in Chiang Mai

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  1. Riva Pub last night
    Left to right: Bruce, Pete, David Unk, Johnadda (The GT-Rider/ Riva Pub muso star) + Mark Remenyi (Aussie Harley Rider here with his bike & missus Nikki) on a S E Asia Tour (next stop Laos.)
  2. Nikki & Mark Remenyi
    with their bike.

    Mark's website
    Never A Dull Moment

    "Ever been on "one of those holidays"? From the moment you get off the plane until the moment you get back on, everything that could possibly happen... DOES! This book is an account of an 11-day trip to Bali in 1999 with an American friend, recapping on most of the bizarre events as they happened. Travelling with this guy was a surreal experience; one thing constantly led to another, creating a cascade of strange events and circumstances that just has to be read to be appreciated."

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